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  1. BX 55 OLED is on sale for 97k on Flipkart , after cc discounts ( i tried it with an SBI CC )  and an additional 3 % discount you get from playing some mystery box quiz. Quite a good offer,  but the warranty says just 1 year plus 1 additional on the panel.


    I was under the impression that all LG oleds come with 3 yr warranty as standard. 

  2. BX 55 OLED is on sale for 97k on Flipkart , after cc discounts and an additional 3 % discount you get from playing some mystery box quiz. Quite a good offer,  but the warranty says just 1 year plus 1 additional on the panel.


    I was under the impression that all LG oleds come with 3 yr warranty as standard. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, KunjanPSD said:

    Wait for Dussehra, you'll be able to get 55C1 for 1.15-1.2L and 65C1 for 1.65-1.7L, offline after card discounts.

    1.65L for a 65 inch would be amazing. I dont think ita gonna fall so low , with the whole chip shortage fiasco. If it does then nothing like it. The 1.15 for the C1 seems more plausible at the moment. 


    On 7/15/2021 at 11:21 AM, KunjanPSD said:

    I don't see CX price dropping by much now. Especially not online, you can try your luck offline.

    But you will most probably be looking at demo units. You'll have to do your due diligence to make sure you are not being given a used unit.


    It's the typical product cycle from LG, they call back all the remaining stock of the old product by the time July hits. And then the lowest you can get the newer model for is around Dussehra.

    You mean if a retailer has unused and unopened stock,  LG takes all of it back ? Makes sense to some extent,  i guess they dont want to erode the value of the tv by selling it at crazy low prices. 

  4. On 7/15/2021 at 11:53 AM, CtrlAltDev93 said:

    October it is, then.

    I decided on CX because it's gotten very good reviews for console gaming. Is there anything else in that price range (1.5 - 1.6L) as a second option?

    I'm also in the same boat , gonna wait till there.s a sale , for either the BX or the CX. The cheapest I've seen the CX 55 fall to is 1.25L on amazon , and 1.10L for the BX 55 , and the BX65 was on sale for 1.87 L the whole of last week on amazon. 


    I'm also waiting for reviews of the TCL C825, its a Mini LED tv , the 65 inch costs 1.5L. So far i havent found any proper reviews of it , so just waiting for that. 

  5. On 7/11/2021 at 3:29 PM, Outlook said:

    Just finished "Mare of Easttown", great story, perfect casting, Kate winslet is amazing..

    just couldn't guess the killer until it was revealed 

    Hahaha i found it hilarious that you thought this was a " TV show Decision making thread " 

  6. So , quick question , should i keep my ps5 covered with a cloth or something when its completely switched off ( obviously not when its on standby mode )  ? Just to keep it free of dust and stuff. Curious to know everyone.s thoughts on this. 


    I used to keep my ps4 pro covered in the initial year or so , but stopped doing it later and it works just fine, but since the design of the ps5 is quite different , thought i.d ask. 

  7. On 7/10/2021 at 2:03 AM, NitroNeo said:

    To frame owners how delicate is the one connect cable? I will be using frame tv as a table top tv as i have bad eye vision and need tv close as possible. I am looking for the 43 inch frame 2021 as for 62k with 4 hdmi ports it's really great.

    This will be a family tv later on when i get a oled at a good price but that is much later in the year. And now after a hectic few months i am getting a few free hours to use a TV.

    Frankly frane fits most of my requirements but recently i saw a video by be the installer where he said one connect cable is very delicate that if it breaks it's a fire hazard. This is another worry i may be able to deal with the cable but seeing how traparent it is idk if the family can keep it safe.

    Do you guys have any ideas to keep the cable safe? All i can think is get a hard round 2 zip pouch and put the cable in that and get the two end out and close the zip not too much from the sides.

    Seriously this tv is great if it weren't for the headache box.

    Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk

    I have the 50 inch Frame 2021 model , at my girlfriend's house. Nowhere have i heard the cable for the one connect box being a fire hazard,  and just to be certain i touched the cable after using it for a few hrs just now  and it hasnt heated up or anything of that sort. 


    Also , its a delicate cable but unless someone really snags at it with extreme force or something,  i dont think its gonna break. The tv looks great on the wall , ( got the frame complimentary as an introductoy offer from Amazon )  and PQ is also quite good. 

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  8. 40 minutes ago, KunjanPSD said:

    Wait for CX to get cheaper or for Dussehra to get C1. The brightness is noticeably better.

    Ya but someone mentioned that the CX might well be out of stock by then , and lately I've noticed that any stock thats available of the CX is above 1.45L , but ya , definitely going to wait.

    There.s also a prime day sale happening on the 26th and 27th of July , maybe i can get a good CC offer too during the sale.  So ya , lets see. 

  9. 1 hour ago, psinide said:

    Getting a CX 65 at that price range is doubtful. Even if the C1 launches, I expect the CX65 price to hover around the 1.9-2.1 mark and C1 will be 2.7 (similar to launch price for the CX)

    I was able to get a great deal from Girias. Bought my C9 55 at 1.18 effectively with all the cashbacks and freebies that the deal threw in. My overall purchases were 2lac+ as there were other appliances in there as well, and was able to leverage that to get a better price.

    Yeah i think its going to be the 55 inch for me , unlesss , the BX 65 is on sale at an amazing price. 


    1.18L is a good price for the CX55 , i'd buy it at that price. Hoping for a discount on extended warranty also , they were offering something similar last year on flipkart - 3 years warranty plus an option for a 2 year extended warranty at 15k( Total for 2 years). Not sure about the exact details of that 2 year extended warranty though,  i called up LG customer care and they said its some kind of AMC or something,  so ya , lets see. 


  10. 33 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:


    C1 just came into market now, so the prices are like 2.4L for a 65.. CX was also priced same last year at this time...


    Wait for Diwali for C1, but if you want to buy like right now then CX, As someone said it may be demo units but still you might get lucky but come Diwali CX will be OOS completely.. There must be still sale on CX so look for it..

    Cx was on sale a few weeks ago on amazon , for about 1.25L. A local store was quoting 1.45L at the same time. Thats the cheapest I've seen it so far.

    I think if it drops down to between 1.10 to 1.20L during the next sale , I'm gonna go for it. For the 65 inch , the max i would go up to is probably 1.6 - 1.7 or so , but highly doubt that its going to drop to that level 

  11. 3 hours ago, iam said:

    It was going for the prices I mentioned in diwali sale. 

    You should not pay more than 1.2L for C series 55 inch in any case. 

    Also don't get CX now. It'll probably be demo unit now. Wait for C1 price drop. 

    Wait till Dussehra. It'll be worth the wait. 

    I havent seen the C1 for sale anywhere , have they released it in India yet ? I doubt it. Also , pretty sure there.ll be some new units of the CX still around by Diwali.( Hopefully )  :fear:

  12. 2 minutes ago, psinide said:

    I'm using the LG C9 with by XSX & PS5. Burn-in with the new OLEDS is a not an issue, there are pixel shifting algorithms and 'logo illuminance' settings which mitigate it to a great extent. Unless you have the same image displayed on the screen for 8-9 hours daily, you don't need to worry about it.

    I moved to a Sony 4K HDR TV with the PS4 Pro, and upgraded to the C9 in preparation for the HDMI 2.1 consoles. HDR on OLED is a different beast because of the black levels and contrast ratio, but my older Sony 4K FALD was also decent. If you are planning to upgrade though, would definitely recommend an OLED


    65 for 1.8L, which one? 65CX is still 2.2+ Once the C1 series launches, there might be a drop in price. 


    Okay great. I.m looking at the 55 CX. CX 65 is out of my budget at 2.2L. 


    The BX 65 is on sale for 1.87 on amazon right now, and most reviews say there isnt too much difference between the BX and the CX, but i.ll probably for the CX 55 during a sale. 

  13. 54 minutes ago, iam said:

    Half the next gen users are using OLED only. It's a treat. Go for it eyes closed if it fits the budget. 

    Just make sure that you're not overpaying and getting 3 years comprehensive warranty. If you're not, the wait for Dussehra, Diwali. 

    Don't pay more than 1.25L for 55 inch and 1.7-1.8L for 65 inch. 

    Yeah I'm waiting for the diwali sale , hoping to get  55 inch for around 1.10L.  The lowest I've seen for a current year OLED is about 1.15 so far. I was getting last years model in the last sale for 1.05 with 3 years warranty n 0% EMI and all , but didnt pull the trigger. 

    25 minutes ago, PhantomShade said:


    Most of the guys here run some 1 lakh plus costing OLED TV with fancy HDR and big nits brightness, try asking around in that TV discussion thread.

    And yes they sing paens about both OLED and HDR.


    For some reason i just couldnt find the TV discussion thread till today , but just found it. Thanks. 


  14. Out of curiosity , is anyone here using an OLED Tv with their next gen console ? And also , was there a noticeable difference between the ps4 and ps5 ( or series X ) on your 1080p display or was it the same experience on both consoles , barring an increase in fps.


    I'm looking to upgrade from my 1080p tv. Considering an LG Oled or a new Mini LED TV from TCL called the C825. Only concern with the OLED.s is burn in , which almost everyone says is not an issue if you use it for varied content.

  15. 8 minutes ago, AnK said:

    Where are you getting this price?!?

    might wona churn out mine this year so need an Idea 

    A vendor in Pune , he.s the same one that is selling the ps5 for 68k. I told him I'm expecting around 20k for my pro , he said to get it and he ll take a look, so could be around 20 , maybe including a few of my physical media thrown in. 


    The thing is , i dont think there are too many stocks of the ps4 also available in many places , and the ps4 pro toh not at all, besides a few pieces on olx n stuff. So I'm gonna copy all my data and take all my stuff to him and try and negotiate the best price possible. 

  16. 50 minutes ago, VamosReva said:



    Better yet, take the 10k, sell your digital edition for MRP and buy the disc edition when it comes back to stock. :P (Assuming they are not asking for the product to be returned). 


    49 minutes ago, Krazyniks said:

    You are really lucky to have got this opportunity . My sister works in Amazon and even she said this is the first time she has seen such an option .

    You definitely know what to do now ?


    If you don't get a replacement . You can keep the product and get 10k balance in Amazon pay amount . ( You have a year to use that balance ) 

    You can sell the DE here or on OLX if you don't want it. 

    Its such a lottery system right now that it makes more sense to keep it and then if i can manage to get a disc edition just sell this later at no loss.


    I found out the price of the ps5 disc edition on the grey market , its 68k. :sign_omg:. Crazy. I'm getting about 20 k for my ps4 pro which is like 4 years old. So the chip shortage is really messing things up. 

  17. 1 minute ago, Assassins Creed said:


    f**k this is some sh*t you have really pulled off man :thumbsup: they are so f**king adamant for the product to be returned.. 


    Win win for you.. Take 10K if at all it doesn't show up

    Haha ya man , i was literally not taking no for an answer , gave the lady so much gyaan on why Amazon is in the wrong here. She was being all polite n all saying " no sir , i understand your point but this is the only option " , and i was like , I'm going to be more polite than her but I'm not hanging up unless you gimme a favorable resolution. Full " Kill em with kindness " types. Loll 


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  18. 56 minutes ago, b!T said:


    Amazon pay account? Can u take that money out? U willing to keep it if they refund 10k right?


    I am assuming pay account is different from wallet.

    I.m not sure if i can take it out , but its fine, coz i.ll probably use it up in a few months anyway.

    I.m leaning towards keeping it now. I dont see the stock situation improving anytime soon and even if it does and i manage to get a disc edition,  I'm sure i.ll be able to sell the DE without any loss.


    51 minutes ago, LordSpymaster said:
    57 minutes ago, arjun_sasuke said:
    He's probably too busy prepping for his upcoming trip to space , to reply. Loll

    The ID is monitored by some senior CS people. Try it once, no harm.

    Yeah probably , but i think I've got the best possible resolution right now. Not sure what else they.ll be able to do. 


    47 minutes ago, VamosReva said:

    Damn.. not an easy decision to make. 


    Digital over Disc will affect how you play and buy your games significantly.

    The 10k refund should not be the ideal option, unless you change your mind and go with digital. 


    Better to wait for Disc edition replacement or return it and take full refund. 

    That replacement option through them is only available if stocks are suddenly available before the 11th , which is when the return window closes. After that its only 10k refund.

    Most of my games are actually digital only now , i just have a few disc games which i wanted to play coz they.ve been enhanced for ps5, and i also thought i might want to watch 4k blu rays in the future ( although I've never watched one till now on my ps4 pro ) 


    43 minutes ago, quixote_1989 said:


    Considering how much you can get done with Amazon Pay, this is not a bad offer to be honest.


    Getting partial refund is anyway not a standard offering that online retailers provide.

    Yeah thats true , i was surprised coz all the while they didn't even come close to providing this solution. 

  19. 1 hour ago, b!T said:


    Yeah, if they can't resolve it, ask for the escalation POC. I have fought successfully with flipkart for a similar issue but not sure about Amazon.

    So new update,  i called them up again and was on the phone with them for almost half n hr trying to convince them that they messed up and need to put in some effort now. Eventually the higher up said she.ll call me back in a bit. 


    She just called me back and she gave me 2 options , 


    1) refund of 10k to my amazon pay account.

    2) If by chance it.comes back in stock before 11th July , she.ll raise a request for a replacement.


    So i will need to decide on the 11th of July. 


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