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  1. Hello, After V1 thread on the forum, many new colors & options were arranged, hence opening V2 thread. Selling custom vinyl stickers at manufacturing prices. I also offer pen drawn items with frame (positive quotes, drawings, couple names for wedding etc.,), DM for more info There are basically 2 types of stickers which am offering 1 - Cut Method (Single color sheets are cut with the image/design, available in glossy, matte, glitter, glow in the dark, electric & metallic cholor choices) 2 - Printed (No color limitations, done on white base, can print anime, hentai, manga, pokemon, goku, Rikishi, Dorimon, Oggy & The Cockroach, or even a meme) Features, prices & other details of each style is given below in the table, alongwith available color options. These are completely manufactured in house & not outsourced, Pricing table is given below & price is calculated based on the size of vinyl material consumed. Can be cut in English, Hindi, French, German, Bangla, Punjabi, Groot Language Etc., since the system reads it as an image & not as a language (If its too tiny/intricate may be an issue for cutting as it'll rip, choose printed ones instead) Usage : Can be applied on any smooth surface to make it flashy : Glass, acrylic, laptop, mobile, mobile cover, helmet, car, bike, fridge, mirror, pinewood, Playstation, Xbox, tablet, printer, office desk (if its allowed) etc., Features : Water resistant, can leave in the rains, wont come off unless you've had a fight with someone and set aside time to take it out on the sticker, these can be wiped with a damp cloth. Won't leave residue if you remove (Not applicable for matte black, but hey I have glossy black also since black is beautiful). Real world Examples : Have applied the "8T" on my daily phone on 23rd May 2022, hasn't come off, have been using the phone normally (multiple trips in a jeans pocket daily) & no special treatment has been given after applying the sticker. Just take care while applying the sticker, clean the surface with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol & wipe with a lint free cloth let the sanitizer evaporate before sticking the sticker. Shipping : Is at actuals via Trackon (Rs. 50 PAN India & Rs. 30 within Mumbai, will be shipped as a document). These are shipped from Mumbai, courier receipt will be shared once dispatched for tracking purpose if shipped from my side.. Transit time & delivery date is not under my control, am always happy to help you out track it or check with local courier office if there is a delay. --- FAQ's & Other Questions, -Can I apply it on any smooth surface? -Yes, however if you have something odd, please PM first to confirm to avoid disappointment. -How will i receive the sticker? -You'll receive in a 3 layer sandwich form, top layer is your disposable transfer tape (You'll be lifting this alongwith second layer), second layer is your actual sticker, bottom layer is the disposable butter paper sheet, after applying you'll see only the sticker, rest 2 layers are to be disposed. -Will these leave a residue if I remove them? -I removed stickers almost 2-2.5 months after application on my shade card, 0 residue, just some extremely light tan mark for which you can blame the sun you have to look at the piece extremely close to see it (Maybe I am nitpicking myself, it may vary from material to material too). Matte black will leave some residue for sure, don't blame me later, I've mentioned this like everywhere. Do note that, any sticky glue residue (yes any) can be removed with a spray of sanitizer/perfume (alcohol based, the liquid one's which we apply to our body) and a wipe with cotton ball, may take a few attempts but it definitely works, tried & tested method. The worst kind is sticker paper glue, have been able to successfully remove it using an old perfume & cotton. -I messed up while applying, can I peel & reapply it? -You are on your own, I am afraid, it may damage the glue power or the sticker itself (sometimes the sticker will stick to itself when trying to remove it, then it'll be ruined), you are welcome to try at your own risk, apply carefully & peacefully with a cool mind, I do share an instruction video on how to apply, its super easy, just clean the surface with sanitizer/rubbing alcohol & lint free cloth give it a few seconds for the sanitizer to evaporate, peel, stick, give it a gentle massage & remove the transfer sheet. Application on curved surface (wine glass, champagne glass, both of them are double curve if you get the flow) will require slight skill am happy to help with another instruction video. -What info do you require? -We have our own website where we sell these stickers (Many happy & repeat customers outside the tech world with amazing feedback, as that is our primary market), you'll have to mention the name which you wish to write, the font (choose from variety of them, or share your own will see if that can be done based on the size), width & the color (Choose from Matt, Glossy, Electric, Metallic, Dark in the glow yes you read that right or Glitter finish vinyls) if you wish to order a simple name decal, for other sizes have mentioned the rates as per standard paper size, you can fill the sheet with the stuff in your mind (Multiple names or images or a mix of both), ensure its not too intricate, else it will rip while cutting. For printed stickers, will need HQ images else it'll come out pixelated & it'll ruin the experience, right from preparation to application. -What if I want a custom image to be cut? -Share a clear PNG or SVG, we'll discuss, charges are based on size of material consumed, its already mentioned below, it'll fit in 1 of the standard sizes am sure. -I want a multi color sticker (Anime/Naruto/Manga/Cartoon etc.,) -Goku, Akatsuki, Pokemon, He-Man etc., are now available, it'll be a border cut with white background as the base (Refer the image below). -What is the minimum size recommended for a name? -Its subjective, for instance someone wants "Ria" written in 1 inch that is doable, however if someone wants "Mutthuswamy Srirajan Natarajan" written in an inch thats not at all possible, it'll be like trying to cram 20-30 people on a 2 wheeler & expecting it to do 120 mph without breaking a sweat, if you get the flow. It'll depend on the character/alphabet count + font selected. -I want the sticker in another color apart from the existing color palette -Doable, if your sticker is big in size, please PM to discuss -Can I apply it on my car/bike? -Yes, however check with local law enforcement agencies first [I won't be responsible for any challans/fines, no jokes here] -Will you share the image before cutting the sticker? -Yes, will share a screenshot from the software before you give a green flag for cutting/printing. -Are these same as decals? -Yep, this is also called as vinyl decals -I want to cancel & want a refund -Not possible once you give a green flag, ample info is provided for a buyer to take decision, am happy to help if you have any issues/doubts before placing order. -Can I remove & reapply the sticker on another product? -Nope, once applied stays there, if removed goes in thrash, you can try though risk is yours , you have been informed. -I need them in bulk, any discounts? -You may buy a single & economical A4/A5/A6 sheet (Single color multiple names/images till the entire sheet is filled), fills the craving for any techie, if you are a business & need multiple A4's PM to discuss. -Can I have it delivered to multiple addresses? -Sure why not, as shipping is paid by you -Turnaround time? -Depend on our order volume, as this is 1 portion of our setup, consider a maximum of 2-4 working days to prepare & ship, sometimes same day if order volume is low after the design is finalized. -Can you hold my order as I want to order a few but haven't decided? -Sure I'm happy to hold your order & send all your stuff in 1 go so you can save on shipping. -Will it survive the rain? -It will as its water resistant, but please don't expect it the sticker to be immortal & last till the end of the world (being honest here & setting realistic expectations), it can take quite a beating but upto a certain limit. -What payment modes do you accept? -Paytm/Bank Transfer/UPI/Bhim/Phonepay/Google Pay/Amazon Pay/NEFT basically anything online. What i don't accept is currency on delivery. -How do I know I'm buying quality stuff and not some beat up to pulp junk? -I follow a simple rule in business, sell something that makes the customer come back for more recommend it to his & her friends, not here to sell some cheap stuff which you'll regret buying, once you get addicted to this you'll come back for even more. Not here to make a 1 time sale, rather empty your wallet slowly LOL with newer, hotter & snazzier stuff as repeat purchases. -Give me some ideas? -You can have a bio-hazard, gamer inside, your username done in vinyl for sticking on your system. "Not yours" for your phone (cover) or laptop. Your favourite cartoon character for your bike? (Too wild eh, Chota bheem sticker on a KTM?), refer the additional images posted in the thread to get some ideas, though they may appear as girly stuff I want you to use your creative powers to visualize what you can do with these on your stuff. Rate Chart, Standard Fonts Available Colors, Some products made using vinyl (Am not at home so wont be able to click fresh pics, can do it once am back home if required by forum rules), Printed stickers (Any image can be done, only limitation is the sheet size) Pen Drawn Items Image to be attached --------------- Freebie/Giveaway as promised in thread title, 4 Freebies are being offered to help others gauge quality of products or some like to say vouch copy as I have many option to choose from (Limit 1 per user), Product being offered as a giveaway : 4 x Single Color Names upto 4.5 inches width, pick any color from the available options, any font from the available choices. (Refer the image with laptop & names like Vaani, Pragnan if you need an idea), those are 2.5 inches in width & mostly in black No strings attached of any kind for the freebie/giveaway, please ensure image/text isn't too intricate. Shipping has to be borne by the user claiming the freebie/giveaway ofcourse. Please post in this thread that you wish to claim the freebie/giveaway, drop me a PM & we'll take it from there. I'm away till 2nd August 2022, will be able to ship all orders post that including the freebie ones. Giveaway Claimed by, 1. @roygarg 2. @ngaged2005 3. @Geebee007 4. @Sid1
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