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Found 2 results

  1. Inspiring to mark their territory in the mobile gaming platform, Wicket Gaming AB brings to you a new free-to-play, in-app purchases Android/iOS cricket management simulation that allows users to create, build, formulate and finance your very own cricket club. "Cricket Tycoon 2019" indulges users with the real experience of managing their own team through effective methods of strategy, tactics, financial management and team formation & maintenance. Wicket Gaming AB has its roots as a Swedish mobile gaming organisation with its's prime focus on the development and applications of sport managerial games. Cricket Tycoon 2019 being one of their first entrances into the gaming market, the company have initiated their operations in a strong manner. The game itself is adequate for any sport-minded palate as it commences with allowing the user to get suited with the various tasks of building a team and playing their very first match. The walk through is quite straightforward, but it can be monotonous as the transition between each window can be hard to grasp for a first-time user. However, by indulging furthermore investing more game time, users will be able to follow all the respective tasks that need to be completed before the start of a real-time scheduled match in the League. With distinctive and unique features such as the process of upgrading the Arena utilities such as Therapy, Health Care, Stadium, Parking Lot, the game allows the user to also explore the non-playing aspects of managing a cricket club. The upgrading of these facilities also invests real-time, which as a starting user can be tedious and long. However, through strict financial constraints provided, a user can opt out and focus entirely on building the team in the starting phases. The game also provides the users with the ability to hand-pick and select a squad, improve their existing skill set through training (which is also built-in to preserve players from getting injured), transferring players for market value and also positioning their on-field positions to suit any style of play. Customization and attention-to-detail has been sincere as it helps the retention of first-time players and gives them a unique experience in the formation of a cricket team. With features such as Economy, Arena Area and Training, the developers have maximized their efforts in giving users plenty to review; thereby helping them settle and spend more time on the game. A new noteworthy aspect of the game involves joining an "Alliance". Drawing similarities with other in-game squads such as Clans and Crews (from PUBG), Alliances allow the users to create an ecosystem where a lower-ranked manager can be allocated the resources through other users in the same alliance, to build and prosper from the get-go. With multiple matches scheduled, teams in the alliance can benefit from climbing the ladders and also increasing their respective Manager levels. Upon completion of squad building and with a satisfactory level of team preparation, users can enter the T20 Cup which is a timed challenge. Playing matches can result in the user gaining Cash, Health Packs, Morale Boosters and Gold. These rewards allow the user to heal injured players, getting fit for a match and also be spent on the improvement of facilities in the Arena Area. However, there is a slight mismatch in the balance of their rewards (even though, they can be acquired by watching ads), as in some cases, a user may have to delay a particular action due to not having enough resources. Overall, the reward system has a key significance in allowing a user to speculate their choices and actions in the game. The T20 Cup has its drawbacks. The long process of sitting through a game can be demotivating as a user cannot make any changes to the on-going game. Provided that it is solely a managerial game, the user has to spend 4-5 minutes in merely watching an in-accurate simulation of the game. The app provides a wonderful experience of witnessing the ball travel through the field, with also key detailing in the movement of the players in a cricket ground, but certain moments come with a glitch. Upon hitting a six or a four, the simulation is delayed by approximately 2-3 balls, with the indication through an in-game sound effect. It would be plausible to include an over-skip option that may use the existing rewards as it can be a breakage of rhythm in the game play experience. Overall, after playing continuously for the better half of a week, it is safe to suggest that the game's advantages far outperform the cons. With only very limited apps that provide the same features as Cricket Tycoon 2019, the game will undoubtedly captivate the audiences considering the noticeable lack of cricket managerial games in the market. For a cricket fan and a sport fanatic, this game has its similarities with managerial aspects of other sports who have made an impact on the mobile gaming market (such as Top Eleven Football, PES Club Manager, Tennis Manager 2019, F1 Mobile Racing etc). Game Experience 8/10 First Impressions 7/10 Content and Gameplay 9/10
  2. funnyadit

    Ashes Cricket

    Big Ant Studios have announced that Ashes Cricket will launch on 16th November on PS4 and Xbox One, with a release on PC coming later Also Ross has said that PC release date would be before Christmas. Official Press Release: https://press-start.com.au/news/playstation/2017/10/05/ashes-cricket-release-date-revealed-ps4-xbox-one/ Short interview by Ross on Ashes Cricket: https://press-start.com.au/news/playstation/2017/10/05/heres-ashes-cricket-improves-don-bradman-cricket-17/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKwAibqvY_A Big Ant Studios, Australia’s premier sports video game developer, has today announced Ashes Cricket. Developed in close collaboration with Cricket Australia, it is the most realistic and authentic recreation of the sport ever created. Ashes Cricket will feature real cricketers, battling it out on real grounds, right from the comfort of your lounge room and will be available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC in November this year. Ashes Cricket, the first cricket game from Big Ant to be fully licensed, utilises their celebrated photogrammetrytechnology, which enables photo-real likenesses of the complete men’s and women’s Australian and English cricket teams to be rendered in-game. Added to the fully licensed stadiums, recreated in stunning detail, players will feel like they’re right there on the field as they play. “There is no competition in cricket that has the heritageand prestige of the Ashes competition” Big Ant CEO, Ross Symons, said. “We’ve worked hard to build on our existing experience with cricket to deliver a trulyrealistic game of cricket to our fans.” For players that are looking for a break from the heat of the Commonwealth Bank Women’s Ashes and Magellan Men’s Ashes competitions, all the much-loved featuresfrom Big Ant’s sports games will also make a return to Ashes Cricket. Players will be able to create their own players, teams, stadiums and logos. They’ll also be able to create their own competitions and types of matches, from a short, furious five over match, right through to extended, multi-nation Test match tours. Additionally, players will be able to enjoy a comprehensive career mode that allows them to take their own customised junior cricketer all the way to the ultimate dream; captaining their country to Ashes victory. “Time and time again players tell us the feature they love most about our cricket games is the deep customisation options” Symons said. “We have produced a true Ashes Cricket game, through and through, but we’ve also made sure that our heritage in sports games remains true”. “Cricket Australia’s new strategy recognises the growing role that gaming can play in reaching younger fans, and by working with the likes of Big Ant to develop products that meet this need we are positioning ourselves as leaders in the cricket gaming space globally,” said Cricket Australia CEO, James Sutherland. “The anticipation for the summer of cricket is building and this game will give our fans another way to be a part of the cricket excitement.” ECB Commercial Director Sanjay Patel said: “We want cricket to be relevant and accessible to the e-sports generation, helping us develop an even bigger nationwide following for the game at every level. “Ashes Cricket has been designed to be as life-like andauthentic as possible. It’s the ideal way for fans to recreate all the excitement and tension of a real-life Ashes contest in their own living rooms.” Ashes Cricket will be available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC in November this year. Pre-orders are nowopen! Screenshots:
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