Milestone announces 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 game combos

Time to pick up some old games cheap! Milestone Interactive is bundling two and three game packages at discounted prices across multiple platforms and publishers. While single copies of these games may not find too many buyers paying the full retail price, some of these combos are definitely worth picking up at the offered price points. Here’s a quick breakdown of the interesting bundles across various platforms.

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PlayStation 2
The 2-in-1 bundles start at Rs 699 with Hanuman: Boy Warrior + Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. It’s a bit of a shame because Jak and Daxter is awesome, and while Hanuman himself is awesome, but the game certainly is not. There are two 3-in-1 SingStar bundles priced at Rs 999 each, which is a great deal.

PlayStation 3
Prices range from Rs 1,499 for Ghostbusters + Everybody’s Golf World Tour (worth picking up) to Rs 2,999 for a couple of iffy 3-in-1 packages based around Fight Night Round 3 and TNA! Impact. There are a couple of 2-in-1 bundles which are nice at Rs 2499. Brutal Legend + Dead Space will both melt your face but for different reasons, and you get to practice the fine art of pugilism in Fight Night Round 4 + The Saboteur bundle. While not 2 games in 1, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box + PS3 compact racing wheel at Rs 1,699 is not too bad.

LittleBigPlanet + DiRT 2 at Rs 1,299 is a sweet deal, as are LittleBigPlanet + Jak and Daxter, and LittleBigPlanet + Gran Turismo at the same price. There are a couple of bundles with Buzz and Echochrome if you are interested in puzzles, but that’s it. The 3-in-1 bundles are nothing to write home about.

Nintendo Wii
The Wii gets a raw deal in India, and while the prices here are certainly not the usual high prices for Wii games we are accustomed to, the games just don’t excite. All the 2-in-1 combos are at Rs 2499 except the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer + More Workouts Accessories, which retails for Rs 3499.

Xbox 360
There’s one bundle that stands out – Devil May Cry 4 + Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition + TNA! Impact at Rs 2499. Get it! Out of all the bundles by Milestone, this one really caught my eye. All the rest are 2-in-1 bundles priced at Rs 1699. If you ever wanted to play Alone in the Dark now’s the time, although why you would want to play it is beyond me.

Milestone’s attempt is nice. They make some games more accessible and can clear out old stock by cutting down on prices. However, these bundles consist of some games that are hard to recommend on their own. Bundling them up with another less than average game is not good marketing. I would say wait for some better bundles to come along.

Click here for a complete list of Milestone Interactive’s 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 game bundles

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