You can now stream Steam games to other devices

Steam’s streaming feature has exited beta and is now available to all users, allowing you to stream games from your gaming PC to other devices on the same network.


Through this feature, you can stream games from your gaming PC to a device that would otherwise be unable to support the game’s requirements, such as a work laptop, without having to install the game on that secondary device.

The primary PC would then essentially stream game content to your laptop. Your control inputs on the laptop – via keyboard/mouse or controller – would then be streamed back to the primary PC, all in a matter of milliseconds.

However, Steam’s support page does say that you might have to dial down the game’s resolution and turn off V-sync on the primary PC to get an optimal streaming experience, so it might not be as hassle-free as you might like just yet.

This streaming feature also works with non-Steam games, such as those purchased from, that you can link with Steam, although they are not officially supported.

While only streaming from Windows PCs is supported at the moment, support for Linux and Mac OS will arrive in the future.

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