Review: Need for Speed: Undercover

As a fan of racing games, I am offended by Need for Speed: Undercover. Having seen games such as Burnout Paradise, Grid, and Pure this year, a substandard effort such as this barely deserves a second thought. However, Undercover is the latest installment in the most recognised racing game franchise, and by that virtue itself, […]

NXE: Microsoft gets it right (for a change)

It’s finally here – the much anticipated New Xbox Experience (NXE). For the remaining few who were too lazy to sign up for the preview programme, a message at 3:30 pm on Wednesday informed that an Xbox LIVE update was available. So is this something which will make you happy? What are the nice features? […]

Review: Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is set in a rather sterile-looking nanny state sometime in the near future, where crime is minimal, but so are its citizens’ social and civil rights. Those that speak against the government are cast to the edge of society; their social liberties taken away, their phones tapped, and always under the watchful eye […]

Review: MotorStorm Pacific Rift

MotorStorm, while a commendable first effort on a new platform, was far from the killer app Sony hoped it would be. The lack of an offline multiplayer option, repetitive track environments, unstable frame rates and small niggles like long load times ensured that it fell short of being the PS3’s first must-buy racing game. But […]

IndianVideoGamer Hands-on: Killzone 2 (single player)

Sony’s much hyped futuristic shooter, Killzone 2 made its first Indian playable debut at the recently concluded Mumbai leg of Playstation Experience. Having been part of the ongoing closed beta, I was eager to try out the single player level and I’m glad to say that I walked away pretty impressed with what Guerilla Games […]

Review: Dead Space

Dead Space is a brand new IP from EA’s Redwood Shores studio, and a stunning new entry into survival horror genre, a genre that has over the past few years become stale with repetitive scare tactics and more action-oriented gameplay. Dead Space doesn’t bring anything spectacularly new to the table like some of the hallmark […]

Review: Gears of War 2

When you have the opportunity to review one of the most anticipated video games of the year, especially one that is a sequel to one of the highest rated games of this generation and a personal favourite, its pretty hard to stay objective. But the job demands objectivity, so this reviewer will do his best. […]

IndianVideoGamer Resistance 2 beta impressions

As Insomniac prepares Resistance 2 for its big November launch, we get a chance to play the recently released public beta, which consists of both the co-operative and competitive modes. Resistance 2 is the ambitious sequel to PlayStation 3’s launch title Resistance: Fall of Man with features like 60-player online multiplayer and 8-player co-op campaign, […]

Review: FIFA 09

For fans of football games, the mantra has always been – FIFA for presentation and licenses, PES for gameplay. Now, with FIFA upping the ante with more fluid gameplay, it is getting uncomfortably close to matching Konami’s cult hit in that department, and with all other aspects stacked in its favour, it comes out ahead as an overall package.

LittleBigPlanet Hands-on Impressions Part II

Click here for Part 1 of IndianVideoGamer’ hands-on impressions LittleBigPlanet is not an easy game to describe, and if you’ve been following its progress since it was first revealed almost 18 months ago, you’ll probably know why. Yes, in a nutshell, it’s a 2.5d side-scrolling platformer, but that’s like calling GTA a car stealing game. […]

Hands-on: The LittleBig Game That Could

There’s something instantly endearing about LittleBigPlanet; you don’t have to play the game to notice it. It comes across in every screenshot and video. From the quirky music and the eccentric level design to the humourous antics of Sackboy, Media Molecule seem to have got it all spot-on. And Sony have recognised the limitless potential […]

Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (iPhone)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one of the most eagerly anticipated Star Wars titles of this decade. The game has been released on all major and minor platforms, right from mobile phones, to handhelds like the PSP and NDS, to old and new home consoles like the PS2, X360, PS3 and Wii. This review […]

IndianVideoGamer Impressions: Dead Space

I had the opportunity to try my hand at the preview build of EA’s upcoming horror-thriller “Dead Space” at the EA Experience organised by EA India in Mumbai. To sum up my impressions of the game, I will give it a new name, “Gears of Doom 3”. The game plays itself out in an “over-the-shoulder” […]

Review: Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty

It came as a surprise to many when Sony announced at this years E3 conference that a new Ratchet and Clank (R&C) game was coming to the PlayStation 3 and that it would be available via the PSN store. It was later revealed that the game an episodic title, set somewhere between the events of […]

WipEout HD: Worth risking an epileptic attack

Ever since the hilarious rumour that WipEout HD was delayed for health reasons, people who didn’t previously care about the game, suddenly started taking an interest in it. With this PR nightmare on their hands, you would think that Sony would do everything in its power to securely lock away any existing playable code of […]