Utkarsh W

We still can't figure out how he manages to watch every movie released, bill 50 hours per week at his day job incarnation as a project manager, keep the significant other happy, play nearly every game that comes out, and still manage to churn out weekly reviews. He's our very own IMDB. In fact, it's faster to ask him questions about movies than to go through IMDB. Tyler likes RPGs. Correction; he likes all games, except a certain popular shooter franchise, which so far has failed to call on his sense of duty. He is single-handedly responsible for introducing us to the wonders of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, and he’s an ardent admirer of The Witcher series. However, to really get his attention, just mention Silent Hill. Now, if only he would get over his obsession with a certain masked Quarian.
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