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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

    Iron Man -> Incredible Hulk -> Iron Man 2 -> Thor - > Captain America -> Avengers -> Iron Man 3 -> Thor : The Dark World -> Winter Soldier -> GoTG -> Age of Ultron -> Ant-Man -> Civil War -> Mister Doctor -> GoTG 2 -> Homecoming -> Ragnarok -> Black Panther -> Infinity War
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    He gets defeated in same scene.
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    I still don't like the fact Thanos is without his armor. =/
  4. Your Top 5 Games of the year 2017

    For Honor Yakuza 0 (Kiwami) Nier Automata Ended up having most fun with FH, Yakuza 0 was overall best game that I played. Recently got Nioh on PC, so will see, but I can see it being in top 5. I see Kiwami as sort of expansion to 0.
  5. Import help for All Legal ways of getting Games

    I read the OP, but I want to be sure about this. Can I really buy anything valued less than 10,000 Rs and not have to pay duty? Would it matter if I use Fedex and like and the over all cost is still under 10k? I remember buying DMC4:SE for PS4 at it's launch and ended up paying 2000 Rs as custom when I imported it form Play-Asia.
  6. Fist of the North Star

    PSX Soon, hopefully we'll get western dates for this and Kiwami 2.
  7. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Welp, I think I'll be buying a new SMPS. Has anyone ever bought from mdcomputers? They do seem to have parts priced at good rate compared to Amazon. Or is there any other trusted site? Currently looking at these two SMPS, but I legit don't know if they would be compatible with my PC. https://www.mdcomputers.in/smps/seasonic-620-watt-80-plus-bronze-s12ii-620.html https://www.mdcomputers.in/smps/antec-550-watt-80-plus-gold-semi-modular-ea550g-pro.html Current Specs : I5-6600k, Gigabyte H170M-D3H-CF, Hyper X Fury 8GB, 2 TB WD Blue, Samsung 750 Evo, GTX 970. Also what sort of ups be recommended, and if so how much capacity? There would be additionally a modem and a monitor plugged onto it.
  8. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    ^-Have you tried different USB slots? Have you checked the Device Manager, Human Interface Devices for the controller? Do you have any other computer/laptop to test the controller on?
  9. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    ^- unsure on this, but few months back used to have same issue until I found out it kept getting auto-disabled for some reason. Look in your Device Manager and see if gamepad is enabled. Also could be an issue on it's USB. Had same issue with one of my older DS4 controllers. Does the controller still works on a PS3?
  10. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I'll try them all individually and will watch out for temps. For UPS, during power outage, my computer works fine that's the thing. I can directly turn off power to UPS so it stays on battery mode, or power outages and my computer won't go into power-loss restart state. It does go to it if there is voltage fluctuation or when computer asks for too much power. Even did with UPS removed same issue. I had PC directly plugged it onto AC Stabilizer, other power points. I do think it is most likely PSU problem as well, but I want to exhaust all other options before going for a new one since I've read online how this could also be Faulty CPU/Motherboard. Still, It just comes back to my point, "Why is this only happening at my home? It worked fine at local tech guys shop?" I've scheduled for electrician as well, but I feel that wires in house are fine. =/
  11. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I haven't extensively tested it with Onboard. I did ran it with onboard for few hours but during that time there was no crash. With GPU it doesn't really crashes that much either except whenever there is voltage fluctuation (I think). I can atleast tell there is one during night time since tubelight goes off for half a second. Also on some days, lets say I haven't played any games for a while. The computer will run fine for few minutes before losing power, instead of just losing power in main-menu/loading screen. Are there any benchmarks that'd stress my entire PC at same time, instead of just CPU/GPU/RAM? Aside from playing games? Tried playing WRC7 again, at no time did my temp for GPU, CPU1-4 went above 40c but just hitting main menu caused a power-loss into restart.
  12. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Well, the PC is almost 2 years old now and the PSU has served well enough till now. For UPS, It's just something local guy gave for cheap since my old one was almost 6+ years old and was giving alot of issues even with battery change. For the PSU, is this the V2 one or not? https://www.amazon.in/ANTEC-VP550P-Computer-Supply-Continuous/dp/B00HEYWK76/ Anyways for everything else, I've tired RAM in both first and fourth slot, GPU is sitting properly, and power cable which I've also changed. The issue of PC restarting/losing power has been here for few weeks before applying new paste/cooler so I don't think that's the issue. I could try to buy new PSU, but as I said in previous post that local guys were able to us my computer and play games in it for fine, even I did for good 1 hour there while it crashes at home. I've tried plugging system in at different power socket, went to living room where Home Theater system is connected to Stabilizer and put PC there instead and it still loses power and only thing that was running was Monitor and System.
  13. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Sorry for late response. I updated my motherboard BIOS, and issue is still here. I am using MSIAfterburner to check temps but most of the time system just crashes even before hitting 40c temp for both CPU and GPU. Usually at main menu or loading screen it crashes. I did use the memtest and memory was not faulty, even did stress test of CPU-Z and it didn't crash. As for removing GFX, I did computer ran fine but I couldn't actually try out games that way. I do have Intex 725 UPS. Anyways I do notice that the times that computer restarts are either when it's taking too much load due to gaming or whenever there is voltage fluctuation. Though if I stop the power to UPS manually computer stays on.
  14. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I did, try to find out before but apparently all I could get was threads on reddit or other forums where people either had to replace CPU, Motherboard, or PSU or updating bios. And replacing either of these fixed it. Though I do think 56 Description is new one, since it used to say "ACPI missing" or something on windows 10. I guess I'll try updating bios.
  15. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Currently on Windows 7 SP1, though the issue also happened on Windows 10.