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  1. Steam deals

    Just1337 Purchase Together Bundle for ₹84 (95% off)
  2. Steam deals

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III for ₹776 (78% off). MRP ₹3599. Steam price ₹3999.
  3. Origin Deals

    Bioware points 30% off at Origin Sent from my RN3
  4. Steam deals

    ^check once if your game library folder where you install steam games is actually included in the list of steam library folders in steam settings. Sent from my RN3
  5. Steam deals

    Physical copy is not Steam version just so you know. Sent from my RN3
  6. Steam deals

    Nope. You place your game order and choose CoD as the payment method. You land in a Novaplay page where your provide address where a Nova rep collects the payment. After payment collection within 72 hours you get your game order fulfilled by Steam. Source - http://m.gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/how-to-buy-pc-games-on-steam-in-india-using-cash-on-delivery-1633824 PS: As part of demonetization drive, old 500 and 1000 notes will not be accepted. [emoji14] Sent from my RN3
  7. Steam deals

    Steam winter sale dates leaked. Unconfirmed but most likely true.
  8. Steam deals

    You can get DD and a bunch of other games in December for $10.80 by subscribing to humble monthly using 10% off coupon. Check with your friends for any coupons available. Anyone who recently purchased any bundle would have got a coupon. Sent from my RN3
  9. Origin Deals

    Wow this must be the historic lowest for DA:I GOTY right? Should I pull the trigger on this one? I just bought Crysis 3 today from Origin UK for £2. Sent from my RN3
  10. Steam deals

    Fallout 4 (physical) is available for $10 at both Amazon and Gamestop. Sent from my RN3
  11. Steam deals

    Personally, even I don't like the new format because there is no thrill and fun in hunting deals for me. I miss the old flash sales, community choices, price errors and all that. However, unlike me, many welcomed this new format because they don't miss out on the sales and discounts as not everyone have the liberty of time to constantly monitor new flash sales every 8 hours. Sent from my RN3
  12. Steam deals

    That would be the old format and Steam has dropped that format for atleast the last three major sales. @coolbreezester is right and discounts does not change anymore and stay the same throughout the sale. Only new set of games are "highlighted" everyday. However, games that didn't go on sale may come join the party during the course of the sale but discounts does not change. Sent from my RN3
  13. Steam deals

    Negative. There were many bundles before that had games unavailable for certain regions. Example: The recent Nintendo bundle was not available for many regions. The E3 2015 digital ticket bundle was not purchasable for SEA folks because of SEGA's restrictions. Sent from my RN3