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  1. asad

    Dark Souls 3

    any ps4 owners having a physical copy? and how did u get it? palika baazar have them and I just might get it from there albeit slightly over priced.
  2. asad

    Dark souls 3 release tamasha!

    what's going on with the physical release of the game? Bloodborne was the one game that got me back to gaming. I completed it and was eagerly awaiting ds3 release on April 12. now that its been delayed so much I kinda feel like the joy has been dampned. so when is it coming? May the third? you know what "Mr xyz responsible for releasing the game in india" *beep* you!
  3. asad

    The Division

    Guys I bought the game on Thursday and been playing with moderate success. I mean I get those delta errors often. I play for a while and then I am disconnected from the servers. let me know if you are experiencing the same problems. id love to team up with people from my country(pencho ). my psn id is maharaja911.
  4. ok here's the deal, I love couch multiplayer, I always had. even after playing cod and halo online, I always fall back to split screen gaming with my cousins or girlfriend. I was always charmed by Nintendo's approach to couch gaming. I have a ps4 and although I have some games like helldivers and dune buggy racing( ) and the absolutely fantastic 4 player split screen game borderlands, I want to own a wii u. yes id love to play Kong and Mario. how many of you feel this way? would you wait for the anticipated next gen console the NX? let me know your thoughts