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  1. [PS4] FIFA 15 - Farewell Season

    Played my second game with zaan and won 3-0
  2. [PS4] FIFA 15 - Farewell Season

    Drew 3-3 and 2-2 against Ajay! Good games and well played, bro. You should have won the second leg. My team is Madrid
  3. [PS4] FIFA 15 - Farewell Season

    Would like to apologize. Been so hectic with office stuff and other work, haven't had much time to check the thread. Really sorry, zaan.
  4. [PS4] FIFA 15 - Farewell Season

    Anyone now?
  5. [PS4] FIFA 15 - Farewell Season

    in! Maxzerr
  6. What you bought this week

    New workstation! I7 4790k Asus Gtx 980ti Bitfenix Colossus micro atx case 250 gigs ssd and 2tb hdd
  7. In! Ashish Rawat maxzerr
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Oh man, I really hope Scotland wins against England, would be so amazing
  9. [Ps4]Fifa 15 Dream Club Tourney

    Played against Omar, lost 1-2 and won 4-1
  10. [Ps4]Fifa 15 Dream Club Tourney

    Will ve online tonight to finish my matches
  11. [Ps4]Fifa 15 Dream Club Tourney

    Won 5-3 and lost 3-0 against Sar. ggs and vwp. Can trade anyone on my team except Hazard and El Sharaawy. If anyone has any offers, then please send me a message
  12. [Ps4]Fifa 15 Dream Club Tourney

    GK trade anyone? I have Ruffier available
  13. [Ps4]Fifa 15 Dream Club Tourney

    Played beat, won 2-0 and lost 1-2 good games and well played
  14. [Ps4]Fifa 15 Dream Club Tourney

    I didn't even notice it, bro. Very well played!