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  1. The Graphics Card thread

    That is Import price not the retail price. Final price will come after adding Distributors Margin + Retailers Margin . For example, Asus's new ac ac87u router is imported at 13754 but retails at 21K. https://www.zauba.com/import-ac87u-hs-code.html
  2. Official Wii-U Thread

    No. The WII U controller can only act as the display. Bummer though, I would love to play vWii games on my WII U controller.
  3. MKV is used for piracy or not is not the point. You can find plenty of pirated movies in MP4 and avi format as well. MKV is just a great open source container which handles multiple av and subtitle streams, supports any codec you want. And yes it is great choice to store home movies or rip your own blu-Ray.