Dark Souls PC gets third party resolution fix

A user on Neogaf forums by the name of Durant may have come up with a fix for Dark Souls’ anal resolution restrictions on the PC. Using this fix, users can now enjoy the game at full HD resolutions as opposed to the 1024×720 resolution the game was initially locking them down to.

To achieve this, Durant uploaded an intercepted version of the d3d9.dll file that you place in the same folder as your Dark Souls executable. It then “intercepts the game’s calls to the DirectX 9 API and changes them as necessary to enable a higher internal rendering resolution”.

Since this is a third party fix, it does have a few kinks and is not guaranteed to work for everyone. However, many users have had success using his methods albeit at the cost of readability. Plus, this fix does not work with anti-liasing (AA) enabled.

Before you make a mad dash for the forums, Durant also likes to point out that he does not take responsibly for any adverse effects on the game or your hardware. Still, if you’re dying to try the game out for yourself on the PC, head over to the blog to download the fix.

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