Ghost Recon Online (F2P) out now

Ubisoft’s third-person (multiplayer only) shooter, Ghost Recon Online is out now and in case you didn’t know, it’s gone the free-to-play route. This means the base game is free to try out but you’ll have to pony up real world money for upgrades (weapons, gear etc.). If this game turns out to be any good, it should come as a bit of a respite to PC gamers who’ve been shafted real bad with the PC port of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, a game that’s pretty much unplayable on that platform.

Ghost Recon Online has been in development at Ubisoft’s Singapore studio and is a PC exclusive for now. If this is your kind of thing, head over to the game’s official site to download the game and try it out for yourself.

Published by Avinash Bali

Avinash Bali is one of India’s most experienced video game journalists. He enjoys catapulting birds across touchscreens just as much as shooting people in the face on the battlefield. He’s 6-feet-4-inches tall and purpose built for a phenomenally high kill-death ratio. His skills with keyboard and mouse are outdone only by his ability to quote video game prices in Hindi. After several years as the gaming editor at, Nash now heads IVG’s immensely talented editorial team. He is, however, yet to fulfil his childhood dream of working in PR.

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