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  • Review: Trials Evolution 9th June 2012

    For a game that makes you want to be perfect at it, it throws nothing but perfection back at you.Read More

  • Review: Portal 2 25th April 2011

    Apperture Science beckons once again. For Science.Read More

  • Review: Ilomilo 31st January 2011

    Ilo and Milo quench your puzzling desires.Read More

  • Review: VVVVVV 22nd October 2010

    You will not spend $5 on anything better this year. Guaranteed.Read More

  • Braid coming to PS3 1st August 2009

    IGN has just confirmed reports on a German games rating website USK that popular indie puzzle platformer Braid will indeed be coming to the PlayStation Network and will be published by Hothead Games, who also published the Mac version of the game. [singlepic id=1244 float=center]Read More

  • Review: Tomb Raider Underworld 10th December 2008

    When Crystal Dynamics were handed the Tomb Raider franchise after Angel of Darkness, I doubt even the most fanatical Lara fans were troubled. The franchise was at rock bottom, how worse could it be? Fans had lost faith and critics had written it off as a series that died with the PS1. Crystal Dynamics, therefore, […]Read More