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  • Review: WWE 12 26th January 2012

    It’s a better than last year's game for sure, but perhaps not enough to justify an upgrade at full price. Like the WWE itself, the game is let down not by what it is, but what came before it.Read More

  • Review: WWE All Stars 21st April 2011

    THQ's cartoony, over-the-top take on WWE gaming.Read More

  • Review: TNA Impact 8th December 2008

    Midway’s TNA Impact is the first video game based on the Total Nonstop Action pro-wrestling promotion. And just like it had a tough act to follow when it debut on TV in 2002 with the well established WWE juggernaut dominating the scene, TNA Impact the video game too will have to match up to THQ’s […]Read More

  • Great Khali merchandise with Smackdown vs Raw 09 4th November 2008

    It’s no secret that THQ’s annual WWE Smackdown vs Raw titles are big sellers in India. So to celebrate the release of this year’s installment – WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009, the game’s distributors E-Xpress Interactive are offering fans an incentive to be the first to pick up a copy. A limited number of coffee […]Read More