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  • Review: Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise 11th October 2012

    I did enjoy Kung Fu Strike for a while, but at 800 MS Points a pop, I would be hard pressed to recommend buying it. There are better XBLA titles out there that could use those points.Read More

  • Review: Mark of the Ninja 24th September 2012

    Mark of the Ninja does what most stealth games never do – it transcends its genre, thereby catering to everyone without alienating its core audience.Read More

  • Preview: Wreckateer 21st March 2012

    If Pain and Angry Birds had a baby...Read More

  • Difficult to get games onto XBLA: developer 15th July 2009

    When a developer that’s created some of the most successful titles in the Xbox LIVE Arcade catalogue criticises the publishing process, you know it’s a concern. Martyn Brown of Team 17, the studio responsible for two successful Worms titles and the upcoming Alien Breed re-incarnation, has told that opportunities for small developers looking to […]Read More

  • GOTY Winners: Best Downloadable Game 9th February 2009

    Braid was not only 2008’s best downloadable game, but one of the best games of the year, period. It is hard for an indie effort to break into mainstream. Braid not only breaks the glass ceiling, but shatters it completely, competing on gameplay, story, graphics, and music with AAA titles. Braid is a platform-puzzle game, […]Read More