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Spider-man: Miles Morales – Tips for getting the most out of the game

Pointers we wish we knew when we started playing through Spider-man: Miles Morales

Spider-man: Miles Morales (review) is definitely one of the best games you can play right now on your PS4, and (once it launches, whenever that is) on your PS5. But the game does have some interesting mechanics and unlockables that it doesn’t tell you about right up front. Since we’ve spent an unhealthy number of hours with the game, we offer you some tips that would make your Miles Morales journey a lot more enjoyable and streamlined.

Note: The below guide does not include any story spoilers.

Complete challenges as soon as they appear

Completing challenge missions as soon as they are available is a great way to unlock advanced abilities that will come in handy through the game. Completing every challenge mission unlocks a new skill that’s arguably more useful than the ones you unlock using skill points. The best part is you only need to meet the lowest ‘Amazing’ criteria to unlock the skill.

Always opt for stealth first

As much fun as the new Venom power is, going headlong into battles is not always the best choice. Nearly every fight in Spider-man: Miles Morales gives you the option to take out enemies purely through stealth. This keeps the situation in your control, and even allows you to take down bigger and tougher enemies in a single shot.

When detected, turn on the camouflage and disappear into a corner where you can’t get detected. The alert enemies will eventually go back into search mode, giving you the stealth advantage.

Use walls and ceilings to your advantage

Don’t just depend on ledges for perch takedowns, you can even stick to walls and ceilings using L2 to aim and R2 to slingshot to the desired location. Wall takedowns and ceiling takedowns are a lot easier in enclosed areas so use them for enemies that seem to be out in the open.

Pace yourself

Don’t just bulldoze through the main story missions to get to the end. Take Ganke’s advice and spend some time completing side missions. They are high in Activity Tokens that are useful for upgrading your gadgets, unlocking new suits and also upgrading your suit’s abilities.

Completing different types of side quests also rewards you with brand new suits. And yes, they’re totally worth the grind.

Keep fights airborne

When you’re overwhelmed by sheer enemy numbers, use Swing Kick and Web Launch to keep fights as much in the air as possible. The likeliness of getting sucker-punched from behind and grenade damage are eliminated, and you can easily take down enemies one at a time. Make sure you dodge firearm attacks though.

Costumes come with benefits

Just like in Marvel’s Spider-man, a lot of cool abilities are locked to specific costumes, so do get different costumes for the situation you are planning to tackle. It would put you in a slightly better position.

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