February releases: Bioshock 2, Dante’s Inferno, etc

Despite Splinter Cell Conviction being pushed back (again) from it’s February release date, there are still plenty of great games this month to make things harder on the wallet. First up is Bioshock 2, the sequel to one of the best games of 2007. Indian release date for Bioshock 2 is February 9 and it will be available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Sharing the same release date is one of the most anticipated games of the month – Dante’s Inferno.

Dante’s Inferno will be available in two versions on the PS3, with only the collector’s edition (Death Edition) available for Xbox 360. The Divine Edition (PS3 only), in addition to the game, includes a digital artbook, the game’s soundtrack, and a complete Longfellow translation of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, the poem the game is based on. The Death Edition is available on PS3 and Xbox 360 (check image below for contents) and it comes with special packaging and a host of collectibles and unlockables.

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There are also preorder bonuses being offered with Dante’s Inferno. The Divine Edition will get you a hardcover artbook and the Relics triple pack unlock code. The Death Edition preorder will get you a cool Dante figurine, and if you preorder the PS3 version, the Relics pack as well. There’s also a PSP version of Dante’s Inferno; that hits stores on February 22.

Quantic Dream’s highly anticipated Heavy Rain will finally release this month. This PS3-exclusive should be in stores on February 24. The next instalment in the Total War series – Napoleon: Total War, is set for release on February 26 and will be priced at Rs 999. PS3 JRPG fans have much to look forward to this month. First, there’s the release of Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope International on February 12. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 version won’t be releasing in India. Later in the month, PS3-exclusive White Knight Chronicles will release here. Look for it in stores on February 26. Lastly, Alien vs Predator also releases on the 19th of this month for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Here’s a complete run down of February releases, along with prices and expected release dates

Bioshock 2
Release date: February 9
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3, Xbox 360), Rs 699 (PC)

Dante’s Inferno
Release date: February 9 (Xbox 360, PS3), February 22 (PSP)
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3 Divine Edition), Rs 2,999 (PS3, Xbox 360 Death Edition), Rs 1,599 (PSP)

Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope International
Release date: February 12
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3)

Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks
Release date: February 12
Pricing: Rs 1,499 (PSP), Rs 1,299 (PS2)

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3
Release date: February 16
Pricing: Rs 1,499 (PSP)

Alien vs Predator
Release date: February 19
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (Xbox 360, PS3), Rs 699 (PC)

Sonic & Sega All Star Racing
Release date: February 23
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3, Xbox 360), Rs 699 (PC)

Heavy Rain
Release date: February 24
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3)

White Knight Chronicles
Release date: February 26
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3)

Napoleon: Total War
Release date: February 26
Pricing: Rs 999 (PC)

Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Release date: N/A
Pricing: Rs 2,499 (PS3), Rs 699 (PC)

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