Humble 2K Bundle: Save big on Bioshock Infinite, XCOM, The Darkness 2, Spec-Ops, more

Humble has just kicked off its 2K Bundle offer, with huge savings on blockbuster titles from 2K Games.


The first bundle includes The Darkness 2, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and Bioshock, and you’re free to pay as little ($1 minimum) or as much as you want for it.

If you happen to match the current average (that other buyers have paid), you’ll get Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, and Spec Ops: The Line in addition to the three games above. More games are also going to be added to this lot. The current average is $5.30.

Finally, if you pay $20 or above, you’ll get all of the above plus XCOM Enemy Unknown and Bioshock Infinite.

That’s eight games (and more to come) for just Rs 1,200 (approx.), which is an absolute steal. All games are for PC and are redeemable via Steam.

Aside from being able to pay what you want, you also get to decide whom your money goes to. You can split your money three ways between 2K Games, Humble (the organisers), and charity (Action Against Hunger and American Red Cross). You can also decide how much share goes to which party.

The Humble 2K Bundle ends on 23rd July.

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