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  1. I dont think we've played. Today in the evening or late night? I am available almost the entire day tomorrow as well.
  2. @Everybody that i haven't played against. Let me know when you can be available to play. I have a pretty free weekend and can take out enough time to finish quite a few games. Add me if you haven't already
  3. Has Azaan started playing? I wouldn't rule him out. All 6 game results confirmed. P 6 W 1 L5.
  4. Lucky to win the 2nd one. As vidal would say it, it would was a daylight robbery Ref stopped the play for his offside and did not play advantage when I was on the counter attack 2 on 2. And he managed to stop my counter attack 1 v 1 chance by doing a last man tackle to take a red card. Well played. Had fun playing against you.
  5. Was occupied with year end closure of projects for me. I am done with them now. Will be online tonight and over the weekend. i've played 2 fixtures right now so will finish those games first and then play with other people.
  6. Sorry, I was occupied this week and couldn't come online. I have to travel from tomorrow morning but will be available every night from Monday.
  7. Send me one and I ll accept it. on second thoughts, can we play tomorrow? I am bit occupied today.
  8. Post 8 PM today I can come online. Won't be able to play this weekend as I am travelling from Friday.
  9. I m online for a couple of hours. Is anyone available for a game? Sent most of you requests on psn, or already had you in my list.
  10. Will add u in the evening. Will play a few games after the United game tonight
  11. Will play with Dortmund. I am available from today afternoon. add me and message me when you want to play.
  12. Will be available mostly over the weekend. Will post the selected team before I start playing tournament games.
  13. In Rahul Gangwani PSN - rahul_gangwani Custom tactics are allowed right?
  14. TNB

    FIFA 17

    Yeah I enquired. If they deliver it on Monday I ll be really disappointed. Even Saturday second half would be fine for me as I won't play the game before that.
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