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    9 hours ago, Kushagra said:

    This is always posted in FIFA threads but I don't understand why it doesn't work for me. The guide says buy at least 12 of the same card and list them all at double price, whereas few pages later folks are saying buy a 1 card of different players and list them at double price.





    its all about patience i do 2-3 same cards, 12 card works with informs which i use to a couple of years back

    you have to relist as much as you can mostly in the evening when the uk kids are back from school and on the weekends


    I had bought both of them for min bin

    ill post more sales so you can see it works (cleared old sales)



  2. 1 hour ago, Joe Cool said:

    Sadly my web app is still locked out from the transfer market access. AOOqayU.png 


    Can't mass buy/snipe from the in-game menu. 

    it got unlocked for me this morning 

  3. 14 hours ago, Akkster said:

    Anyone here got it on the Xbox one? Add me! None of my friends play ultimate team 

    Also all the cheap OP player's prices are rising a lot atm. 😓

    im on xbox

  4. 1 hour ago, Kushagra said:

    So, I got a temporary ban for trading on Web App yesterday. Didn't do anything except do some SBCs and traded bunch of lower rated Golds, any idea how long this ban will last?

    contact ea support 

  5. 21 hours ago, oxalorg said:


    That's some really good speed. According to their website, they're asking for annual payments (or a very hefty installation price). Did you pay that or did your building have their line already installed?

    Also how is the reliability/downtim/speed consistency/latency?




    I'm currently paying 1300/- for 16mbps unlimited to Digiwin/wincable, but the speeds aren't consistent and not very reliable (I don't get more than 1.2mBps to seedboxes). Joister is offering me 25mbps for 1300/-, but I don't know anyone using Joister.

    they charge me per month and no my building did not have their line installed from before

    and the speed is mostly around 35-40mbps with hardly any downtime

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