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  1. when will mr.robot season 4 be amazon prime??
  2. don't know how this was not picked up by anyone 4 count in aj vs Nakamura https://streamable.com/u7kn3
  3. armaan

    FIFA 18

    time to invest in cheap 84 rated cards as they will be needed for SBC soon last year had bought 100 84 rate john terry for 2.4k and sold them for max bin
  4. armaan

    FIFA 18

    sundays sales
  5. armaan

    FIFA 18

    sales today
  6. armaan

    FIFA 18

    its all about patience i do 2-3 same cards, 12 card works with informs which i use to a couple of years back you have to relist as much as you can mostly in the evening when the uk kids are back from school and on the weekends I had bought both of them for min bin ill post more sales so you can see it works (cleared old sales)
  7. armaan

    FIFA 18

    it got unlocked for me this morning
  8. armaan

    FIFA 18

    The best trading method : https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/306721/trading-with-golds-non-pre-in-form-trading-low-coin-start-early-hype/p1 made 1.2m last year from this thank me later
  9. armaan

    FIFA 18

    contact ea support
  10. armaan

    FIFA 18

    There is a 1.1gb day one patch.
  11. armaan


    anyone playing on xbox?
  12. armaan

    FIFA 18

    kids corner in Mumbai will have the game tomorrow for 3800
  13. armaan

    FIFA 18

    can someone post some trading tips?
  14. armaan

    FIFA 18

    when should I expect this hit the grey market in Mumbai?
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