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  1. Is Cex trustable they have a XSX for 49k with 2 years store warranty
  2. I have a couple of weeks off starting next week so was looking for shorter delivery time
  3. It shows unavailable when I put my pin code
  4. I spoke to them yesterday. Good to know It's an IVG member console
  5. Anyone knows where to get XSX in bombay for close to retail? Ps. I'm a member since 2008
  6. armaan

    FIFA 22

    It is already active you need to update the up from you app store
  7. armaan

    FIFA 22

    I had to go to game store and got option to start trial. Web app is live if you want start trading.
  8. armaan

    FIFA 22

    Yea thats true in the start the teams are pretty sh*t but I've been trading since yesterday and I'm already on 50k hopefully in a months time I should have 500k, as the release comes closer gets difficult to get golds on the cheap.
  9. armaan

    FIFA 22

    I only do Objectives for gold cards that need minimal changes to my team because grinding with Bronze/Silver seems like a nightmare.
  10. armaan

    FIFA 22

    slivers and low rated golds feel really slow, Basically sucks the fun out of the game. I enjoy trading more then playing the actual game nowdays
  11. armaan

    FIFA 22

    Played a couple of FUT games the gameplay feels slow 🐌 Maybe I'm used to high rated cards from last year that these 79-80 rated players feel really slow
  12. armaan

    FIFA 22

    Xbox games pass members get early access right ?(EA play is included in gamepass)
  13. armaan

    FIFA 22

    When dose the web app unlock anyone knows?
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