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  1. Got this strange issue on less than 20 days old XSX bought off amazon. The issue is with the controller which came with the xbox. Would appreciate someone answer these 1. The issue is that the controller analog stick (both left and right) got this strange click sound/feedback when its pushed full upward or pulled full backward. It not felt so much when its pushed/pulled very quickly however much more noticeable when its done slowly. Its like after certain angle, if I push it further there a click and then it reaches the extreme end where it can't go any further. This isn't the case with my PS controller so this definitely feels odd. Any experienced this or would someone check their controller and revert back ? 2. Hows the warranty experience with xbox ? If I were to replace my controller after contacting MS. How will the replacement happen ? Do I ship the controller first and then they will send the replacement or is it hand to hand exchange ? Anything else I need to be aware of for controller replacement
  2. Can I donate Death Stranding and join as library member ? Also the Batman Arkham Origin (x360) pretty hard to find game.
  3. With these TV (mi, oneplus or realme and so on), its always a gamble.. This is the reason I always advice people to choose one among these 3 -> Sony, Samsung and LG. I purchased a VU TV long back and omg that tv had an insane input lag, none of the games were playable...
  4. looks like the only way to secure just 1 single unit of PS5 (without that bundle BS) is via Fk and amazon only and with the numerous bots targeting these site, its gonna be a long long wait for anyone still looking for PS5. Sad Reality !!
  5. mhs


    so no physical release of this game here ? Game looked interesting, wanted to get a physical copy.
  6. Thanks alot man. I see you from Bangalore itself. Where did you get it replaced ?
  7. Thank you. The controller which you got replaced, did it come with the console or you purchased it separately. I am curious if those sony people will ask me to get my console also along with the controller (You never know, some of these sony people are so aware of their own product/process.) How long is the warranty for the controller that came with the console ? I am thinking to use the controller bit longer and claim it once the covid situation gets calm.
  8. My controller started drifting. Not alot of drift, its very small right now but still kinda annoyed that a controller worth 6k started showing issues this soon. I only played 1 game with this controller so far. Anyone who got their controller (controller that came with the console) replaced from Sony, please share your experience on how's the process. I need claim the warranty.
  9. Maybe it's just me being extra paranoid.. I had set the dead zone setting on Apex legends to none (changed from default setting of small), saw dualsense drifting abit, I did the same test with my dualshock4 which doesn't have drifting problem and it had same behavior ... I don't know what to think of it..
  10. Anyone here tried to claim the warranty for dualsense controller that came with the ps5 ? Mine shows symptoms of stick drift. Will Sony replace the controller?
  11. seriously, I mean, the f**k does "preparing for dispatch" means now !! Didn't expect this from amazon. They haven't shipped around 95% of the orders.
  12. Maybe I should order a PS5 game and then my order will get shipped
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