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  1. Please post your PSN ID for Battlefield 1 My PSN ID : LicensedOne I'm very new to BF1 though Thanks
  2. LicensedOne

    Battlefield 1

    At first i was about to buy COD AW but then after reading it's review i decided to get BF 1 I just bought Battlefield 1 and downloaded it from PSN, i've never played Battlefield franchise before, but i've played COD a lot in past, can i directly enjoy multiplayer or do i need to first play single player campaign first ? Also is it too late to join Battlefield as most other players must have gots lots of upgrades Thanks
  3. No problem, but how is the MP gameplay ? So far haven't seen too many good reviews
  4. Hey Guys i mostly play OverWatch on my PS4 and i've a 8Mbps airtel broadbad connection, but I experience regular lag in between, and i'm even not using Wifi, i connect PS directly via ethernet, though I face no such issue with Hathway connection 50Mbps. I do understand connection speed difference here, but as far as i know 8Mbps is more then enough for gaming. I'm a tech guy and i do understand how many other users are using also affects the internet performance, but I still experience same issue with Airtel. Also on doing speedtest or other download test i do get stable 8Mbps. Even checked latency with google and other popular sites, it's almost same as my Hathway connection. Are you guys also experiencing same issue with Airtel Broadband ?
  5. LicensedOne Usually play in evening during week days, but I play a lot on Fri and Sat Evening
  6. Hey Guys Just curious why are a lot of users still using US PSN when everything is available in Indian PSN Store ? Even i was using US PSN ID until PS Store was launched in India Is there any benefit in using US PSN ID ? thanks
  7. Me too if available, already ordered Disk from Amazon, haven't played COD since MW
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