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  1. as soon as squad was announced i had a feeling CT would be disastrous. was hoping that we wld boycott it coz of icc BS. selecting karthik yuvi rahane what a joke. though i got it wrong in that i thought that batsmen wld be cause of disaster & not that bowling too wld be to blame. also had this bad feeling that we might lose to porkis coz change in captain always brings change in luck & virat was obv going thru bad patch from oz series on. was so relieved when we won on 4th but as soon as they decided to chase in final i had sinking feeling & then that no ball happened & i just knew that they were going to sh*t the bed. losing to #8 team, to porkis who lose even to WI on regular basis & that too losing by such big margin with so many raw players, & losing to them in final means they can gloat for decades about it. & then laughing with them after such a shameful performance . beyond ridiculous ! even our weakest of teams didnt lose to their ATG teams in imp matches & these overpaid fks did said this before - i was going to stop following cricket after sachin retired coz it sucks up too much time & you feel bad when they lose but then virat came along & he's such a pleasure to watch & i've been a huge fan. didnt mind all the abuse & attitude etc which many fans seem to have an issue with; thought it added to his charm. but he's lost plenty of brownie points in last few days, first with final loss & then with this kumble fiasco. i thought when dhoni retired that finally we'll have a aggressive captain & select according to results & not just his faves but things have remained same. his captaincy is beyond crap. who decides to bat second in a final against a team that is piss poor chasers & who have a brilliant bowling attack when you roundly beat them batting first. & then who came up with those negative bowling plans where they looked to contain rather than take wickets first up? if you batted first & made even 250 you at least had a second chance. can we finally get rid of ashwin & jadeja from LOIs. both are frauds outside of spinning wickets. number of times that they've got hit is not funny. neither can bat for sh*t in LOs & ashwin is worse fielder than any SL or Pakistani. they cost us wt20 SF too & they still get picked. jadeja's selfishness already cost us 2 wt20 exits & it showd up again in the pandya incident. who knows if that could have been a kapil dev 175 like innings? BC even england & sa have leggies & we dont to peole who say we reached finals - big f**kn deal. we did so by beating 1 good team who anyways do your work for you in KO matches. if SA were not in KO situation they too might've trashed us. since 2015 WC we have 3rd worst W/L ratio. the teams below us, SL & pak, we lost to so that shows how bad we are. every icc trounament since 2013 we say oh we can hold our heads up coz we reached last 4. BS. there are basically 4 decent sides in the world & they too arent any great & have many holes in their XIs so being in top 4 means zilch. with talent & resources at our disposal we should be dominating in LOIs if we're happy with this performance & dont take immediate action then you can take in writing 2019 is going to be disaster. & now this whole kumble thing has happened. it sets such a bad precedent. now next coach knows that either he has to be a yes man & do what virat wants or he'll get fired. ofc if sehwag is picked then it'll be a disaster anyhow. with a bunch of frauds in the team like jadeja & ashwin, virat needed someone with brains in the coaching team & kumble seemed to be the man. his move to send pandya ahead of dhoni finally meant that at least someone thought of winning first instead of reputations. if we'd done the same thing in t20 WC SF who knows we might have actually won that damn thing. also apparently virat was unhappy that kuldeep was picked for the oz test that was a boss move that helped us win the test & series. if he hadnt been picked i guarantee we would have lost the series. so it shows that virat not only has no tactical nous he has crappy selection sense. its not necessary that best batsman will be good captain. look at sachin. plus you need some luck too & his rcb career has shown virat is not too blessed in that dept. with this whole COA/SC, ICC mess & with dumbass selectors who pick ppl like karthik coz he scored plenty of runs against likes of dinda & vinay kumar instead of exciting talent like pant & trivedi & now this coach mess & with a poor captain at helm looks like we're headed to perfect storm of indian cricket heading in downward spiral.
  2. phew more relieved than anything oz beat us on most indian pitch & we beat them on most oz like pitch game changer was kuldeep selection. without him oz wouldve made min 450 in 1st inngs make no mistake. match wouldve been done & dusted for us then and there without him. this series should be reminder of not to take risks with overcooked pitches. normal indian pitches like we had in indore & kanpur is best. we may have to work harder & it'll require more effort but the worst result on those pitches will be a draw for us. the only time we've lost on those kind of pitches iirc is kolkota 2012 vs eng & that too was more due to pressure from mumbai loss rahul, saha & most of all umesh & srj are biggest gains from this season vijay is becoming a concern. certain laziness/complacency seems to have crept in. hope its only temporary coz he's one of our batsman even in o/s drs was another reason for us winning so consistently. imagine srj being give out 1st ball on day 3 & not being able to review . now they should change umpires call BS to make it "out" even if it clipping. that will remove even that little remaining inconsistency in umpires & we'll win even more hope virat takes whole ipl off. dont want him doing something to his shoulder which then makes it a chronic issue. he's just too valuable. in cases like him & shami bcci should buy out their contract for that year so that they dont lose out but ofc they'll never do that
  3. some on twitter celebrating like its a done deal. pressure, 4th innings, expectation, tiredness after long season, a pitch with some 2 pacedness to it & widening cracks; a lot can go wrong if we take it easy. rahul & pujara are key. esp rahul who has looked our best bat this series. just put your head down, dont get sucked into any loose shots. aussies are going to go all out with verbals & dirty tricks tomorrow, best reply is to show them scoreboard at end of match instead of trying to hit them for 6 enough of twists in this series . can we pls have a easy win tomorrow *fingers crossed* i really wonder how sportsmen cope with the anxiety though. its so bad as a fan what must it be for the players that is why i feel temperament is what separates the ok players from the good ones
  4. what has happened to bhuvi's batting btw? since eng 2014 he's become worse than what he was as a debutant. forget runs he can barely hang around any longer. surprising.
  5. best innings of jadeja's career. if he keeps improving like this he can overtake ashwin as o/s spinner esp since he's a better fielder nair shouldnt be anywhere this team for next year. drops catches, bays like a tailender & looks very unfit. surprising that someone like virat who puts a great value on fielding has not counted that against him. i think all these ranji trophy players who score tons of runs against likes of dinda & vinay kumar should look at themselves in the mirror before crying about not being picked for int'l cricket are selectors are even lazy fks who just pick players depending on mere stats. that anyone who reads the papers can do. thats why ipl scouts are actually better judges of potential. they go beyond numbers. players like bhuvi, dhoni didnt have outstanding stats when they were picked i meant that oz are essentially one man team (as we saw today) so we have no business losing to them at home yeah easily couldve had 10-15 wickets more to his name, avg would've fallen from 37 to 25 or so. unfortunately for him he's got butterfingered colleagues in slips. he's improved his control. hope he keeps his form going now 87 (that number ) is a long way off. pitch is not easy at all now. their bowlers (lyon & seamers) will get even more bounce than ours did & thats been one of our weak points (along with spin, seam & swing ). plus we're playing with only 3 batsmen so fingers crossed we get over the line. need a 50 run opening partnership to calm nerves we deserve to win just on basis of we took ultra aggressive gamble of playing 5 bowlers so hopefully that pays off also no hoohah has been made in press about maxwell giving send off to nair or vijay being given send off yesterday despite us being quiet whole match. so we should always be the good boy & not say anything huh? their press & even their ceo have been utterly despicable. that is why us losing to them hurts more. c'mon India beat those ugly aussie mfkr's
  6. If we lose it'd be to a one man team. What does that make us?
  7. Basically we played this test with 3 batsmen [emoji35]
  8. Yeah Nair looking like another fluke. Even that innings he was dropped early on and then got to bat on a belter against a tired attack. He was crying about not being picked but now that he is what has he done with those chances. Barely able to make it to double digits. Don't have much hope from iyer either. He's another talent type batsmen who hits in the air. We need to pick pujara or virat type batsmen who know how to play 'test' cricket
  9. Ridiculous batting. Even worse than Pune which was a tough batting pitch. This one is a flat one. Except for Vijay no one got out to a good ball. Where are our test batsmen? Rahul playing in air like it's a t20, rahane trying to commit harakiri .. Beyond ridiculous Lyon showing why he's better than Ashwin. Nothing in pitch for finger spinners and still he picks up wickets. This was the day we could've killed the match and we messed it up big time. Can't help but think it's due to losing on that lottery pitch in Pune, that India've been under pressure One Smith has more 100 s than all our batsmen put together
  10. Maybe some of us cricket fans know more than selectors It's a huge risk playing only 5 batsmen, India've been ultra aggressive so props to them for that, everyone needs to stand up now this is a good batting pitch Kuldeep changed the game. Make no mistake about it. Fact that wade and Warner made runs showed how good a batting pitch this was. If we'd played him from first match instead of chushant on normal pitches we might've been 3-0 up by now. Ideally - if we'd taken Warner catch and slightly better tactics in last season - we could've bowled them out for 75 runs less but you'll take 300 after losing toss on that wicket. Now we shouldn't let go of this advantage. We've got to bat till 1 hour after tea on 3rd day minimum, make 600 or so
  11. these useless fks & their dropped catches . the karnataka guys seem the worst at it. nair dropped comb in previous match which probably cost us the match. this is a batting wicket & we've lost the toss as usual, warner can hurt us
  12. dont think it was a great match, bangalore one was the best of the season. this one was too flat with no deterioration on day 4/5 as it should have been dont know what it is with our captains, first MS & now virat - they never start sessions with the 2 bowlers most likely to take wickets bowling in tandem it can be very costly. it cost us a test in eng 2011, sl in galle 2015 & maybe even here. its craaay craay. there's something wrong with ashwin. he wasnt even getting that drift in the air that he was against nz/eng. irrespective we have to look to get in a wrist spinner who can take the pitch out of the equation. 2 finger spinners is not ideal. oz hold all the cards now. even a draw will mean they keep the tropy & a 1-1 score will be like a huge win for them. so all the pressure is on india to make all the moves. plus read some reports that weather isnt great in dharamsala & it may be rain affected. in cooler climes bhuvi might be able to get some swing in the air so we should deffo play him esp since oz are weak against swing too (remember hobart & philander). maybe we could even leave little grass on wicket since their seamers are all hit the deck type but if we lose the toss then that may backfire
  13. seriously?! how did we allow oz to bat out 98 overs on 5th day pitch like that marsh & comb played well but still there's a big qs mark on our bowlers esp ashwin. that difficult catch that karun dropped proved the difference in the end ashwin needs to be dropped. he hasnt had any fizz in his bowling for a while now. get in BK for ishant & kuldeep for ashwin. or at least kuldeep for ishant. worry now is dharamshala will suit oz more than india
  14. What a day. Best day of the season for us. Good to see pujara back to playing long innings. LOL at likes of shastri who think Rohit is a better batsman than him. Saha's best innings by far. Also think this is how SRJ should play always irrespective of situation coz if he tries to play "properly" he'll get out in no time at least if he's positive he'll make 20 - 30 runs min If we'd normal Indian pitches like this from match 1 we'd have been 2-0 up. It's harder work but at least we don't give a sniff to opposition.
  15. That crap shot by Vijay just before new ball exposed Virat to it. Game changing moment. Our middle and lower order is getting exposed against good bowling. Any illusions of this team doing well OS being blown apart very quickly. Now we need remaining batsmen to bat out time as much as make runs so in case oz don't collapse we'll have to bat for less time to escape with a draw . And this was the one ground where I thought we had a win locked [emoji22] How did we ever come to this state that oz are dominating us at home. Missed MSD's grit today
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