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  1. @bigbonly2uBangalore North bro, K R Puram Amazon/Flipkart hardly cancel orders and thy will deliver 100% like XSX.
  2. @Keyofx sry man, actually i am looking fr 1 i thought "confirmed buyers" means if someone selling his extra thn m buyng fr sure Plz update the list
  3. He told me exactly opposite of what you said. He confirmed that he can arrange 2 consoles 100%. But still to be on safer side I also tried booking on Amazon. Unfortunately due to some delay in OTP and all, I failed to place the order and it went out of stock. Then this GTS guy called me around 6:10 PM and said that he has only 1 peice and that I must pay him 50k before 6:30 PM(as he had to send the final pre order report to sony) via bank account; he wasn't ready to accept gpay or any other instant payment methods. And as u know after adding new payee u have to wait for at least 30 minutes to make the first payment, so I lost this one too.
  4. No man, tht store guy told me, he'll cl me up but he didn't
  5. i tried my best from Amazon but OTP came late for verification and GTS Bangalore guy ditched me
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