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  1. Interesting.. Though I think most of the features are in pes too with different names but I am hopeful with fifa 18. Sending you my psn ID in pm. Just tell me in friend request you are Joe from IVG.
  2. Just pre ordered PES 2018 FC Barcelona edition and FIFA 18 Icon edition. Ps- I'll upload my first experience about both the games to my YouTube channel EuphoricGaming
  3. I see in pes that every other player online having Messi and Ronaldo in pes.. Even I have them along with many other star players in my club. Though I spent money and GPS to earn most of them but even you may have them from pre order bonus if you are lucky ( and you are always lucky to have at least 1-2 superstars at the beginning itself) As you say you have been playing fifa, is it that easy to get superstars like Ronaldo Messi in fifa (in my club or what ever it is called there) ?
  4. I could not even find players to play in pes demo. Could we have played with com in pes demo? I don't know about fifa 17 or 18 but gameplay (except some instants) gameplay in pes is absolutely brilliant. But now I also want some other lively things like live stadium. I don't know what's the use of including Usain Bolt in a football game? Does he play football in real life?
  5. Anyone going to try pes and fifa both? I did buy pes 2016 and fifa 16 but hardly even touched fifa. Didn't bother to buy fifa 17 but after EA shifted onto frostbite engine I am willing to try fifa 18 this year.. Anyone else?
  6. I could not even play the pes demo.. Though I will get pes 2018 surely but probably would get fifa as well
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