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  1. Did you end up getting? Is it worth the cost? Seems a bit steep so I am torn if I take my chance and pay for the repair if I get any else that money gets saved
  2. I believe a 3.5 cable is indeed in the box. Regarding mic I really don't care since it is mostly single player games that I play. Sound quality is the only thing over the wire that's making me anxious about the purchase. To top it off there aren't any other option that may work with both console and God only knows why there's not stock for 7x in India or US Amazon for that matter.
  3. Apologize to revive this thread but since I am looking for the 7x which is no where to be found got 7p on Amazon, seems like a good deal for 18k. Only question is can it work with Xbox controller in wired mode and would it sound really bad? I am set with PS5 just wanna be sure it will work with XsX as well
  4. Late to update but at placed an order on RD around 12:01, since I did not trust them was spamming the Amazon site and could place and order there as well around 1 PM. As expected RD order got cancelled and got those 500 discount codes. If I had both of them would have gladly given to someone who wanted it. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6010 using Tapatalk
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