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  1. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    FUT Champions needs to be extended to atleast 4 days,I have just completed all 40 games just 1 week. Now i just stop at 18 games.I got luis hernandez this week and everybody was just PTB,didn't enjoyed it all.
  2. Congratulation @Joe Cool... You played really well,passing play was very hard to defend and what a way to end the final robben cutting inside and scoring a 90th min goal to seal the cup. Looking forward for the league too...
  3. Great Work @Joe Cool You have put a lot of effort into this,Hats off to you.... I'm IN PSN -boogiegamer99
  4. I'll be online after 7 pm IST will msg you on PSN.
  5. I'll be available after 3 PM IST.
  6. @Vip3r when can we play? Sent you a msg yesterday when you were online on ps but you didn't replied...
  7. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    I simple buy discard informs every week try them,and then sell them for profit after 2 weeks. I already made 300% profit on danilo and aranguiz
  8. Played SlaCk3rDoOm (Man City - Bayern) Won 4-0 Won 5-1
  9. 2nd leg @Maverik Drew 2-2 ( Manchester City- Manchester United) Played @hope FUNanywhere Won 6-2 Won 3-2 ( Manchester City- Arsenal)
  10. Played @Maverik Won 2-1( Manchester City- Manchester United) 2nd leg yet to be played.
  11. No sleep,i will sleep whole sunday.....
  12. I'll be online next 6 hrs so if anyone wants a game,msg me...
  13. `Anyone wanna play in Group A within next hr?
  14. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    Having so much fun in FUT ,defending seems broken already scored 18 goals in 6 games with this guy.
  15. PSN: boogiegamer99 Team: Manchester City Timing: 6.00 pm to 12.00 pm
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