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  1. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    FUT Champions needs to be extended to atleast 4 days,I have just completed all 40 games just 1 week. Now i just stop at 18 games.I got luis hernandez this week and everybody was just PTB,didn't enjoyed it all.
  2. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    I simple buy discard informs every week try them,and then sell them for profit after 2 weeks. I already made 300% profit on danilo and aranguiz
  3. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    Having so much fun in FUT ,defending seems broken already scored 18 goals in 6 games with this guy.
  4. Great work @Joe Cool Looking forward to it
  5. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    You can pre download the game if you pre order ronaldo or icon edition so you can play as soon as it is released.
  6. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    Yes I have downloaded it 2 weeks ago.
  7. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    Card designs look so sick this year...
  8. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    yeah people are so pissed at EA for this,some people have access by playing less than 100 games and some haven't got access to it even after playing 2-3k games.
  9. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    No i haven't got all those players,i mean to say if i sell all the players i packed today i will be able the build the above squad. As you know BPL is so overpriced at the beginning,so i will sell those players and i will make LIGUE 1 & Calcio Hybrid. I'm still not sure though its better to make 2 very cheap squad because squad fitness will also cost alot.
  10. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    I can access the market,infact i was doing sbcs and trading last 2 hrs.
  11. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    PS4.. I have enough coin to build this squad before the launch day.
  12. boogiegamer99

    FIFA 18

    already got some op players by doing sbcs first day.
  13. PSN ID: boogiegamer99 Preferred play timings: After 8pm everyday. Most preferred mode: FUT Interested in taking part in tournaments/seasons? YES. Do you play FUT? YES.
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