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  1. U are Nigerian price, stay there... and get the f**koff my post. you aint getting a penny here dude.
  2. The seller will supply material from UK. he is using number of US.
  3. thanks man, they want payment in advance, is what making me doubtful.
  4. Hey Guys, please help me out. I wanna buy a ps4 pro, it is available of Rs 37k at flipkart while some sellers at India mart and quicker are selling it of 18k. they claim it has international warranty of 1 year( which of course isnt valid in india.) . they want me to transfer 5k or 10k before shipping of product. some of them given me some certificates and websites, which seem fake to me. The thing which convinces me that they can supply product is, there are so many of suppliers who contacted me and they all have same line of workings. they are claiming to sell ps4 pro 1 tb of Rs 10k also if i order in bulk. Please help me out. Has someone ever bought the game from them ? thanks,
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