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  1. I will wait untill it comes out, because DICE showed us only pc footages in their BF3 trailer ,i got over hyped and pre ordered it but in beta it looks only ok ,DAMN DICE ranting.gif..I dont want this happen again in rage

  2. hey guys, i finally decided to buy a high end gaming rig, untill yesterday i was keen on buying 5870 as my GPU , but today one of my friend told me that 2× GTX 460 is faster than single 480 and 2× 5870 , so i need advice whether to stick with 5870 or go for 2× GTX 460 .And i also want to know whether 460 overheats like 480 or not?

  3. :( yup same problem :(

    Many people say they can't find people online but to my luck in every from roam game i get into have 6 players average and there are many people playing gang shootout , trying setting open DNS guys

  4. RAGE new console screen is released , and the developer said that PS3 runs better than xbox360 further information at



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