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  1. Oh wow, the guy on the phone told me otherwise, but I'll confirm
  2. Sorry for the wrong thread, and thanks for your help!
  3. Hey does CEX accept PS4 games without the tiny paper that's has get ps plus ?
  4. This is exactly why it thought too, before But I then I thought it would be kinda "against the spirit" because it would pollute this forum with tons of things that are technically capable of playing like one single random game, so are qualified to be on the thread But, if some mod reading this could confirm, it'd be great
  5. Wow my hopes aren't the best right now. IVG should start a sub-category for selling non gaming tech since the users which actually be half-knowledgeable Anyways, thanks for your reply
  6. So since this is the only tech forum in India I know which is not completely dogsh*t, I'd like to know that we're do you guys sell your laptops? I don't think I can post it here, since it's technically not a "gaming" laptop, it's more of a productivity based one. Thanks for the replies!
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