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  1. I just accidently bought $10 psn code, not realising that it won't work on my Indian psn account sigh I don't wanna make a US psn account to redeem the code because i got the code to buy the bloodborne DLC for $10. The US DLC won't work with my Indian Base Game. Anyone interested? Can use mods as middleman
  2. I purchased a MI BOX 4K used It's more than what i wanted
  3. I recently got an old HD TV fixed and wanted to make it "smart" Im new to the streaming stick fashion, i want an android based stick because of better app library (assuming) 1, Out of Mi TV Stick and Google Chromecast 3, which has better hardware? 2. Im aware chromecast doesnt come with a remote, is it used just to mirror the screen of a connected device or does it actually has an inbuilt OS that can run on it own ? 3. Can i used Mi TV Stick with app remotes? im worried about physical remote failure. 4. Do sticks need constant power or is there a battery system? Thanks a lot. Please feel free to direct me to other streaming sticks if they are significantly better for some reason
  4. i am a professional worrier i cant help it
  5. anyone worried about the dust buildup and memory overheating? ill keep it in a well ventilated place but reading ps5 forums and seeing soo many people talk about it a bit worrying considering the indian ambient temps im planning to paste a layer of mesh net (used for pc cabinet fans) on the front intake grill of the PS5, hopefully it wont affect the air flow much also what do you guys think of the "dust catchers"? its just a gimmick right? Im not suppose to vacuum it ?
  6. If i paste mesh dust filter net (usually used in PC cabinets in front of fans) in front of the PS5 intake vent, will the fan have a harder time pulling the air in ? Ultimately heating up the ps5 ?
  7. yeah im pretty worried about that too so should i just drop the idea?
  8. anyone here uses vacuum cleaners or any other methods of cleaning dust buildup efficiently? this one here looks decent but i dont know how useful it will be in my case https://www.eurekaforbes.com/forbes-super-clean (cheaper in retail) any help is very appreciated, thanks
  9. I think someone is selling in TP. Do check it out time to time, you may just get a good deal. I suggest to go for pro. Also, since ps5 is almost at launch in India, the numbers will only increase. So you are in luck I think. TP ?
  10. Okay guys i realize that Cafe isn't an option anymore. Any tips on what a noobie should look out for while buying used ps4 ?
  11. Heres the list of games i wanna play (strictly): ♦️Bloodborne ♦️Shadow of the colossus ♦️The last guardian ♦️The last of us remastered ♦️Uncharted 4 ♦️Uncharted nathan drake bundle ♦️Marvels Spiderman ♦️God of War ♦️Ghost of Tsushima ♦️The last of us 2 It will take me exactly 227 hrs to play all of these titles. What are gaming cafes charging for 1 hr of ps4 time? Do we pay for the game copy as well ? Note: playing singleplayer games around people blows. And what would it cost me if i buy a used ps4 along with all the mentioned games? Note: i have no friends so exchange/sharing games is not an option, i would have to buy all of the games individually. Thanks a lot in advance Edit: i realised Cafe during pandemic is a big no no. Can't afford ps5 so getting used ps4 and used games are my only option. Now i need to know what to inspect physically about the used ps4 before buying
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