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Daedalus's Feedback

  1. Madmage left Positive feedback   

    Bright "young" boy.. has a great future if he works hard :|

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  2. godspeed4476 left Positive feedback   

    Nice trader, even gave me 1 extra game to play. :)

    Daedalus was Trading

  3. RV1709 left Positive feedback   

    good buyer! smooth transaction

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  4. sunnycricket left Positive feedback   

    very cooperative. top buyer,fast payment.

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  5. sunnycricket left Positive feedback   

    Good buyer, excellent communication, quick payment

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  6. chirag_gupta left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal. Put extra money in the account just in case bank charges some fee deposit!

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  7. вι¢ннσσвαвα left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for being understandingand patient. Superb Buyer. looking forward to deall with you again.

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  8. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    smooth..quick...no problems at all!!!!

    Daedalus was Trading

  9. armaan left Positive feedback   

    very nice guy to tradw with:) :)

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  10. killzone123 left Positive feedback   

    very sweet guy...communication was absolutely awesum on his part ...super fast payment...very nice dealing with him

    Daedalus was The Buyer

  11. AtheK left Positive feedback   

    Received the Controller packed properly there was a delay due to courier service he shipped it as per his promise.

    Daedalus was Trading

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