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  1. The Ascent getting smashing reviews!! It’s going live today. Gamepass FTW!!
  2. well, I spend a lot of time pausing and taking screenshots as memories of the game. When you go on a vacation, you take a lot of photos. Same concept. But you do you. Everyone is entitled to do everyone.
  3. Just zoom in and check these comparo shots for checkerboarding softness X1X (trees, grass, tents, objects) Ps4 Pro X1X (trees, grass, table and chair, ropes) PS4 Pro X1X (for this, check texture on jacket) PS4 Pro
  4. also, if you want a BIG example of checkerboarding softness, check this video from 4.20 till 14.00 I have saved you from watching the full 30 minutes video and specified only relevant 10 minutes. So you must watch it. And watch at 1080p I guarantee that anyone will change their opinion about checkerboarding and upscaling after watching from 5.10 till 14.00
  5. Should play sotr for ‘mental satisfaction’ of having completed the trilogy otherwise, one would be on one’s deathbed and regretting that - dammit, why didn’t I complete the trilogy!! people are seriously underestimating the ‘mental satisfaction’ factor. It’s a real thing
  6. it’s not laggy. Average framerate is around 58.something which means that drops occur during a few seconds and likely to be missed by average people if you told me that frame drops occur for hours on I’d change my mind anyway this discussion concerns only those with both consoles and dilemma of which version to buy. Others may not bother
  7. on TVs of 65 inch size or bigger, screen is very large and softness is noticeable
  8. I am not comparing them on technical grounds I am comparing them on the grounds of ‘mental satisfaction’ that you get from knowing that you are playing the highest fidelity, most ‘native’ 4k pristine image quality, irrespective of framerate
  9. yes. Some consolation for Xbox is that it's brighter. Worst part is that it falls into the 40s in very very few cases. But as you said, people who are sticklers for 'native' pristine 4k (for mental satisfaction) over locked 60 fps would like to go for Xbox. For example, RnC Rift Apart has Fidelity gfx mode with 30-40fps - something which a majority of players preferred due to sheer good looks. Also, I think with higher native resolution, textures scale up and do look much clearer.
  10. you are embarrassing yourself think about what the conversation is about hades is not available on ps or xbox right now. It’s coming out in August. This thread is about ps and xbox. Conversation is about ps and Xbox and hades Try to raise your thinking level and not spam and vomit random illogical things everywhere
  11. Do some thinking about the context of the conversation before replying. Maybe too much to ask
  12. Ms may be desperate but gamers are not. They are waiting for good games like The Ascent and Hades with Hades, Gamepass has clearly one-upped ps
  13. Blasphemy. I have never seen such underhanded tactics
  14. cool. One possible alternative you can do on xsx is play with fps boost on. Resolution is same native 2016p but might give better fps performance than this latest update
  15. a few (or lot??) dropped frames in a few chaotic scenes vs noticeable improvement in sharpness for the full length of the game - which is better? Last time you said XSX, now PS5. What's the right answer?
  16. this was in context of a previous conversation a few days back and it was regarding which version to buy - ps5 or xsx, in case someone has both consoles and opportunity to buy the game on both consoles. Here, only 2-3 simple points being considered to make the decision. Also, you do notice a difference in sharpness on TVs of size 65 inch and above - lower resolution or (bad) checkerboarding is immediately noticeable. So, there is no console war here. Only advice is being taken about a purchase decision.
  17. finally some good comparison points not much different than discussed before
  18. how much time do you spend in the WW? 1-2 frames or 1-2 second? Doesn’t so many QS with WW and multiple weapons break the flow? how do you manage zooming in on heavy cannon for precision bolt while QS and make the process super fast?
  19. great! Are you actively using quickswapping? which weapon combos are your favorites for QS?
  20. The speculation is xss, a console which is of the same generation as xsx and ps5, is holding back the scope of games due to less ram and only “less ram” so my question is give examples of consoles any generation (it can be any generation) having held back other consoles of the same generation specifically regarding scope of games
  21. we wait for proof because we don’t have in-depth technical expertise, experience and knowledge about console hardware as a developer let me know if you have
  22. our debate is regarding consoles only and whether some consoles of the same gen hold back other consoles, so provide other correct examples also, the holding back should be specifically about the scope of the game and not resolution or fps.
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