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  1. I have been using Railwire for 4 years now. There is no other reliable provider in my locality so had to go with them. I have asked for gaming IP in 2018 for online multiplayer and been using NAT Type 2 connection since then. Recently my LCO provided a new account to use since then my NAT Type has been changed to 3. I have requested the customer care to provide a new gaming IP and they have changed my IP to static again 3 times but still getting NAT Type 3. They asking me to buy private static IP for 2500rs per year which I can't afford. There was no problem until this year March with free gaming IP but after my account change issue came. Can anyone confirm who still uses free gaming IP with railwire. If possible, Can you also share your railwire ID to provide as references to customer support? I would really appreciate your help on this issue. I am new here. Apologies for any mistakes.
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