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  1. Hi Guys,


    I have some money stuck on Xbox Account, if anyone wants any digital purchases of games during a sale or without a sale please drop me a message here, or xbox chat (gamertag in profile). Whatever the Price of the game you could pay 20% less to me.



    • You should be a reputed member of this community, i don't know exact terms but i will check your profile and gamer tag
    • Let me know games you would like to buy with version and bundle specific details.
    • I will buy the game as a gift code for you, which you can redeem in India store or as you wish so.
    • Once you have redeemed successfully, you could pay me, the game price (during sale and if not on sale) -20% by Bank transfer,Paytm, Phonpe, whatever method you are comfortable with.
    • Please note you should not ask me to go ahead with your request if you don't agree to above terms, If you think i need to update any terms, feel free to comment.


    During office hours i wont be available or online, but i do check the feeds every night for updates and notifications, so allow me end of the day to come back to you.


    it requires VPN, as my purchase region would be United states and game need to redeemed in United states region (game can be played in your account in India).


    if you can share your credentials i can do it on behalf of you in 5 minutes, but considering the privacy concern it's your call.

  2. I can share codes for following products from my Oneplus account -


    Times Prime Lite | 3-month membership- worth 10k benefits (includes gaana.com subscription, burger king offer, chayos free chai, times of india subscription, myntra,flipkart, medicine)


    Sharing these because i wont be able to use these, i can redeem 3 codes each day for each product and let me know if this is of interest to you or anyone. i have alot points at disposal so you can expect 70 or so codes redeemable by individuals are up for grab.


    For times prime lite-

    Visit www.timesprime.com or download the app, and enter the e-code at the signup page

    Coupon name: Fans Limited

    Valid Date: Aug 30, 2021 - Nov 30, 2023

    Coupon code: OPTPJ7HCJC

  3. Hi Members,


    If you are playing any of the multiplayer games available on Game Pass could you add me to your Friend list or drop me your gamertag so i can add you as friend.


    if you already have a group of friends and can add me to your group that will be great. I am currently playing Forza Horizon 5 and would love to play this with friends on


    I have Xbox series S  for Racing and role playing games and a laptop for casual FPS gaming and i am open to try any genre.


    Note- i am a working professional, so i usually get time to play in the evening (8-12 PM) and on weekends only.

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  4. I am listing my claimed Audible subscription up for grab on first come first basis-


    please visit following site- audible.in/oneplus

    enter codes from below and enjoy.

    note- you should not have nay active membership while claiming this


    Coupon name: Audible

    Valid Date: Jul 23, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

    Coupon code: JZA4-F8EMPR-88VWBL


    Coupon name: Audible

    Valid Date: Jul 23, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

    Coupon code: JZPD-29BWCD-2855BV


    Coupon name: Audible

    Valid Date: Jul 23, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

    Coupon code: JZEY-M8BDND-X84RB9


    if a code has been claimed please drop a message here so i can update and close this thread once all are claimed

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  5. have joined this forum from a recommendation from Reddit for community of gamer for connecting and trading games. Have read through some instructions or pinned post and have to say a bit confused with jargons such as LIB FS and was wondering if some one can help me guide to thread where i can find the more details and how can i proceed in building trust in order to make contributions to the community.

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