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  1. And even after that the said plastic box company gives 2 fooks about you or what you feel/think
  2. Janedo apne ko kya , apna koi thikana nae inka kon dekhe XD
  3. They might have given up , but dont you think currently its valued to them now ? i mean look at the craze around its gams and movies, i mean its a system seller, i dont think they would just let go. I hope we get a good movie with venom and spidey teaming up. would be fun.
  4. They would most certainly be interested. Spiderman universe is Big.
  5. But sony owns them right, they wouldn’t it be disney paying for it ?
  6. But sony owns them right, they wouldn’t it be disney paying for it ?
  7. I think obviously, or if you aren’t subscribed. Apan toh 2022 tak set he 👋
  8. Congratulations. Do try out the shortcuts and automation, they are pretty fun, and dont ever bother about batter health, its just a stupid gimmick
  9. Any idea about how the latest lawsuit by disney affects this?
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