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  1. Digging a very old thread sorry about that . Playing the game now on the hammerhead dlc. Games is fun but not SUPERFUN. Absolutely love the web swinging , screwball challanges are fun, but combat after a while feels very repetitive. Also the side crimes (Which gives you crime tokens) Gets super annoying after a while also annoying is the way he says "Going down" for every base token mission. They should have added more variety in criminals (Like the guys with big gun, or the ones with rocket) to make the side missions fun. The swinging should also had a few more options would have loved it. All in all great game but could have been much much better.
  2. Psnid- rushabrdx Sometimes i play fifa battlefield or apex (Very less) Casual gamer dont like serious stuff XD
  3. Sounds good. Its now kept in a drawer though. The problem is not constant happens at intervals. Let me know how your expirement goes
  4. The black one is currently for 3200 Dont have the budget already bought too many games
  5. Ah great will start watching. Way too many movies too cover
  6. Yeah . My controller has issues with r3 automatically navigates up all the time. I though they had warranty of 6 months. Any idea how to fix it? Also have never seen cloudtail selling below 3800
  7. Why is that? Most probably imported or grey market pieces?
  8. One of my freind bought this DS4 way earlier. Turned out they were not eligible for warranty.
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