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  1. Bakchodi karte raho? Like us 😂
  2. Digital links added and non working urls changed
  3. Check dm Thanks mate waise i have made multiple transactions, so lets c tomorrow if it goes through
  4. Im already trying for another member bro .
  5. Ya ps5 domestic transaction . Limit is above ps5. But they say AVG value transaction is way lower than 50k hence chances are high. My max limit is very close to 50k
  6. https://www.amazon.in/Sony-CFI-1008B01R-PlayStation-Digital-Edition/dp/B08FVRQ7BZ I think this is it ?
  7. Need some help. got my sbi cc 3-4 days back and now want to book PS5. I contacted CC and they said because the card is new the transaction will most likely be rejected/Flagged . Can anything be done about this ? i have dropped them a mail but they take 2 days to reply.
  8. This bundle was there way before official indian release date announcement. Altough seperate DE product page was not accessible. But still havent seen any banners from amazon stating DE will be aval .
  9. Agree i was wrong on that part. But he;s still a clown XD
  10. Looks like day 3 is the real day to play XD Ya thats why i got zero bugs.
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