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  1. Bhai Yaar. Aar ya paar Karo, bich me latka ke mat Rakho 😭😭😭😭
  2. That was targeted at the community, not her
  3. Bhai yaar short me batao ayega ki nae XD Ab dar lag raha he lel XD
  4. Wish him a speedy recovery . Hell be fine dont worry. When oxygen drops below 90 just get him admitted. And even below 90 oxygen patients recover absoultely fine! Stay strong bro!
  5. Why is adopting = Dumb bro? Some people want to have it because it's there first launch day console.
  6. But you did not ask price. ? XD Bhai dekho kuch seetting karke dekh kuch hota he kya XD
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