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  1. All Copies Are Imported


    By imported we mean grey market copies and not official copies


    Stevie G so are we gonna be able to use these imported copies on indian psn accounts or not ? I had a problem with imported tlou copy, it didn't allow to play mp from indian psn account.


    No issues whatsoever. Issue occurs only if there is DLC as DLC is region locked

  2. I meant to ask whether they have official indian copies or imported ones ? They shipped imported copy of tlou to me once.




    Official copies if u have bought from WS retail.


    Nope imported

  3. Lol The EBay Guy First Cancelled My Order And Now Sent Me A Msg For Confirmation Of the Order and Asked Me To Pay 4900 For A Imported Copy that Will Ship Tomorrow


    Ebay has imported copies only

  4. A Season where Hope And Pride Restored at Anfield.

    From 7th to 2nd and only 2 points off a team that broke the FFP and spent 100 Million in the summer. Also finished above the Special 1 and his little horse.

    Oh and Manchester United fans who will pride in our failure to win the league, please enjoy this cause thats the only way you guys can enjoy nowadays.

    As much as I dislike Arsenal fans, I like Wenger and hope he wins the FA Cup.


    Very Very Proud with this team.

    LFC For Life

  5. @ Azaan: I'm amazed you managed to remain calm after that first half.


    Im amazed you got so pissed. If the ref sees the Suarez shot its a goal and Skrtel mistake was an error. Yes it was a bad half but Ive seen worse this season. Anyways 2nd place is ours :)

  6. Well so the dust has settled and best of luck liverpool as u have a great young squad for years to come.. coming second if the last step to reaching the top.. plz dnt take any of my comments to ur heart.. :) and azaan bro.. meri taraf se dhaba mein party.. :P

    Peace :)


    Done :)

    Liverpool fans are all like they are the only team that's going to improve next year.


    One bad season for United and they are acting like we are the Everton/Spurs/Liverpool and even that was due to the fact that we had Mr Moyes calling shots.


    Come next season and with our squad we will finish top 4. What would be interesting to see is how Brenton manages his squad with Champions League and given his shady transfer record. Plus it would be interesting to see how Suarez will react when Real comes calling.


    Next season?

    Fact is youll should be above both us and Arsenal atleast with your current squad.

    Shady transfer record? Imagine how much Sturridge is worth now. Borini is already back and improved. Coutinho has been a revelation. The way I see it I dont think its bad but yes managing 2 competitions will present a bigger challenge


    ^ lol. And to think that the same people are now making fun of them for coming second is even more funny :lol:




    P. S - Azaan mere bhai don't get so angry. Not your style.


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    Yup Ive been rattled

  7. Yes we are seventh.. we are out of UCL.. we are out of europa.. we dont have anything else than a community shield this year.. but just 1 question..



    "HOW DID THIS f**king SLIP"


    Strange you talk about slipping

    United added 75 million pounds to a team that won the league by a record margin and are gonna finish 7th ,

    We spent 40 million pounds to a great that was 7th last year and we will finish in the worse case 2nd.


    So the bigger question is who let slip it's grip on English football?

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  8. Absolutely gutted with the last 2 games but still very proud of this team and what it's achieved this season. I love how United fans are supporting City , that's how much they are afraid of us and that's how far they have fallen.

    We might have missed out on the title but Atleast we didn't miss out on the champions league unlike you'll .

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