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  1. Lost 3-1 n 2-0 to [mention=2924]Stevie G[/mention]
    Well done and good luck for upcoming matches
    I dont know what did he do to his goal keeper. Impossible sh*t. Impossible saves lol. Scriptfa indeed  
    Yes Alisson was outstanding and Arsenal's defense is atrocious. Very unlucky you were with your chances. Hard luck

    Here's the highlights of the 2nd leg


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  2. A Season where Hope And Pride Restored at Anfield.

    From 7th to 2nd and only 2 points off a team that broke the FFP and spent 100 Million in the summer. Also finished above the Special 1 and his little horse.

    Oh and Manchester United fans who will pride in our failure to win the league, please enjoy this cause thats the only way you guys can enjoy nowadays.

    As much as I dislike Arsenal fans, I like Wenger and hope he wins the FA Cup.


    Very Very Proud with this team.

    LFC For Life

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