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  1. puns

    The Division 2

    As much you want to love the game and get back into it, few days into it and you want to leave. Massive knows how to screw it up royally. One step forward, two steps back is absolutely apt. While they keep adding things, they never fix whats broken. Break something new with every update and now the damage glitch is just nail in the coffin stuff. Although I love the game, the mechanics, the builds and the variety... they just want to keep experimenting and ruin every few months something new
  2. puns

    The Division 2

    Finally played some last night and today. This is the game they should have come out with. NY seems so much better experience wise and its a blast leveling up. Finally they have brought in lot of content with seasons and activities both in DC & NY. Good start to year 2
  3. puns

    The Division 2

    Year 2 of Division 2 tomorrow - Paid Expansion which is said to be like a new game. Let's see if it makes a difference to end game and replayability https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/the-division/the-division-2/news-updates/4EZpaM9lnnBtKGFjXmmB0G/warlords-of-new-york-all-launch-information-at-a-glance
  4. great second half Madrid - Man City. Lot of upsets coming this year ?
  5. UFC New Zealand was fun. especially main event. Hooker and Felder went at it
  6. puns

    The Division 2

    You can try buying in-game. Its in one of the top menu options where there is store credits etc. Its 1500 Rs there.
  7. puns

    The Division 2

    They frankly have little idea what the game should be i.e what the players want. The new expansion is supposed to be so lets see if it comes close. My guess is it wont and it will be the same all over again, no end game with nothing to do in couple of months than same old. Ubisoft is just taking their Division, Ghost recon series and creating a 'khichdi' from one game to another. Division 1 was a great game with variety and depth and its still going strong with the community. Division 2 is all about mistakes, learnings, deep sale to get player base ... rinse repeat.
  8. puns

    The Division 2

    Due to low pricing, you will have enough people to matchmake and play in group now. Dont solo, terrible experience.
  9. puns

    The Division 2

    Base game has enough content for 3 bucks for 1 time play
  10. puns

    The Division 2

    Year 2 ( Paid of course since its Ubisoft ) and Episode 3 ( free ) details coming up in 30 minutes
  11. puns

    Metro Exodus

    sick. time to load it up again
  12. puns


    Quite a risk knowing the 1st time it didnt work. If they can do a No Man's Sky, it will be commendable. Guess this will be next year now !
  13. Glad I stayed up for this. Amazing match in the end.
  14. Amazing. Milan derby live right now .
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