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  1. puns

    The Division 2

    You can try buying in-game. Its in one of the top menu options where there is store credits etc. Its 1500 Rs there.
  2. puns

    The Division 2

    They frankly have little idea what the game should be i.e what the players want. The new expansion is supposed to be so lets see if it comes close. My guess is it wont and it will be the same all over again, no end game with nothing to do in couple of months than same old. Ubisoft is just taking their Division, Ghost recon series and creating a 'khichdi' from one game to another. Division 1 was a great game with variety and depth and its still going strong with the community. Division 2 is all about mistakes, learnings, deep sale to get player base ... rinse repeat.
  3. puns

    The Division 2

    Due to low pricing, you will have enough people to matchmake and play in group now. Dont solo, terrible experience.
  4. puns

    The Division 2

    Base game has enough content for 3 bucks for 1 time play
  5. puns

    The Division 2

    Year 2 ( Paid of course since its Ubisoft ) and Episode 3 ( free ) details coming up in 30 minutes
  6. puns

    Metro Exodus

    sick. time to load it up again
  7. puns


    Quite a risk knowing the 1st time it didnt work. If they can do a No Man's Sky, it will be commendable. Guess this will be next year now !
  8. Glad I stayed up for this. Amazing match in the end.
  9. Amazing. Milan derby live right now .
  10. Damn. I thought they were playing copa del ray abroad. Supercopa haha, some next level $$$ making exercise. Like they dont play enough football already.
  11. It was a great match, Barca and Atletico last night. Madrid derby on Sunday in the final Why are they playing internationally ?
  12. If there was a secret santa winner, we have one Happy Birthday
  13. Almost every great coach is in EPL now
  14. For me : Best game of the decade? Last of us. A game of stealth, action and more so, emotions. Good RPGs have come and gone but this one hit every possible checkbox there is in a game. Worst game of the decade? Anthem. Although I have never played it, just by the expectation of it and in the end, the tragedy of it. And ultimately, the publisher giving up on it. Has to be one of the most lulz in gaming history. Biggest disappointment of the decade? Fallout 76. Much was expected after the success of the series and what a disappointment Game that changed gaming of the decade? Last of Us Game that you played the most? Division 2. Sank a lot of hours in this game this year. Worth it while it lasted Soundtrack of the decade? Skyrim. Story of the decade? Death Stranding. How it all unfolds with every episode. Game that you will continue to play during next decade? Don't think there is a game like that. Maybe, destiny 2 or guild wars 2 but unsure.
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