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  1. Criminal is a multi country series on Netflix and its brilliant. 9 /10. Just Interviews with suspects of crime. Watched the UK one, really good
  2. Yes started it and looks interesting. 'Unbelievable' is a good show. Starts slow but a decent watch
  3. I am on PS4 so I have no idea of server details. Im using LAN and DMZ'd my PS4. The local servers and Singapore are fine. Its only recently that Europe / Japan servers have gone bad. Ya they always do that. Might take this issue with Nodal officer if local is not able to solve this. Tired of registering complaints again and again. Jio and Hathway both are offering in my area in Noida. Might switch if doesnt get sorted
  4. Stoked for this and the cast. Theatre and Amazon Prime in November
  5. Im on Airtel V fibre. My connection works fine for all things except multiplayer gaming. Recently, my pings have increased to Europe / Middle East servers for Division 2, Battlefield games. Almost impossible to play. I complained to Airtel, they checked the line, replaced my modem router but it didnt make any difference. Is changing ISP the only way out ?
  6. The Spy is quite a good watch 8 / 10 - Sasha Baron Cohen saves it in every way from being just ordinary
  7. true that, they have tried many times. Division is fast moving. There will be other players soon or a different weight guy moving up/down for this. There is even some talk of Khabib - GSP.
  8. must be your ISP or connection cause its smooth on 3 different ISP's I have tried on.
  9. Khabib is a beast. So much dominance . Only Tony Ferguson left to give it a try.
  10. Khabib - Poirier tonight 11.30 pm on sonyliv
  11. LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes - Rs 699 Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - Rs 699 Peggle 2 - Rs 207
  12. Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3 - free with PS+ for September
  13. On Sony Liv, a sleeper of a series ... A Discovery Of Witches. Really liking this one.
  14. hotstar streaming has gone sh*t. any browser, same buffer issue. Quality of stream randomnly changes even though its fixed on medium. On Airtel V fibre 24 mbps. Anyone else facing this recently ?
  15. Group A & F will be tough. Interesting results from D & H
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