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  1. Love the content on this channel. Embedded is so meh now Anatomy of a Fighter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47UlrwAYX5HRs5bm2KbEZg
  2. puns

    Destruction AllStars

    Destruction Derby + Carmageddon vibes...
  3. puns

    The Division 2

    1 discord server has active players: https://discord.gg/gcrock
  4. Milan derby was fun. Ibra had some choice words for Lukaku , got yellow card and then red card later. Lukaku had the last say. Finally Eriksen came through.
  5. strange, i see it on my sony tv
  6. no issues either way. let me know and thanks
  7. I was looking for the hdd. If someone from Bangalore who has hdd but takes the enclosure Im ok with that. Thanks.
  8. puns

    Path of Exile

    I meant I will start once I finish grim dawn. Dont even remember where my charac level is. I play randomly when I get time
  9. will take it if you dont mind. can discuss in pm
  10. puns

    Path of Exile

    Used to. Playing Grim Dawn. Will come to this after the update
  11. Quite important. cooling issues is the major one. Best bet is to find real world numbers for temperatures. Asus MSi can be 5 to 10 degree lower compared to galax inno3d Gaming performance is on par with each other 1 -2 fps here and there. 3070 is around 10% higher across numbers
  12. puns

    The Division 2

    probably last thing for the game before its done... nothing much to see here. same old stuff just some new gear
  13. first tyson jones and now this... gonna stick to ufc
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