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  1. I too snagged a deal on an Australian PS4 and had my sister bring it here when she was visiting. My advice would be to grab a deal during the holiday times - Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. There are great deals to be had. I managed to get a black 1TB PS4 bundled with the Uncharted Collection from Target Aus for $405 (a little under 21k). The same bundle would have cost me 37k in India at the time. Keep a check on OzBargain website. I set up an alert for PS4. Anytime any deals came up, I was notified by email. You can browse there to see whether there are any particular stores that have a discount going on. @vacky_v - no power related issues other than that the power unit has a flat pin plug. You would need a flat pin multiplug/converter before you can plug it in. You can get one easily from any electrical store. Ditch the box/tags..drops the weight considerably. My sister also got it in her hand luggage. She used her clothing for cushioning. PS4 games are NOT region locked. Well, 99.9% of them anyways. So PAL does not matter. However, DLC is region locked. So if you do grab games from there, keep in mind that to download DLC for THOSE games, you would need an Aus PSN ID and DLC. This wasn't an issue for me. I got a few games from there for which I had no intention of getting DLC.
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