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  1. Well, any audience is impossible given how serious coronavirus here is in the US. I have been trying to social distance and work from home as much as possible, but all these closures and social distancing should have started at least a week ago. It probably is serious in India also but the general people do not seem to care which is concerning as it is a disaster waiting to happen. As far as Wrestlemania goes, delay was not an option (unless all other shows are canceled for a while) as there is no guarantee that they could do such a big gathering in the stadium even two months from now. As far as what I read online, this was the reason for choosing the Performance Center - to get done with Wrestlemania and not live in uncertainty of when it will happen. I was personally hoping that they still do it in the big stadium with zero audience (with all the fireworks etc. for the TV audience) as I think it would look good. They can do very good wrestling shows in empty arenas if the talent is focused and motivated (see the empty arena matches from before), I am actually hoping this Wrestlemania ends up being even one of the better ones because of the empty arena (not despite it).
  2. Now search and watch Okada vs Naito from this week. If AJ vs Nakamura from Saudi was 5* to you, then this would probably be 25*.
  3. Last two matches were awesome. Naito vs Okada reminded me why I like professional wrestling - their wrestling match itself is the story of two sportsmen coming of age - no stupid stories needed.
  4. Who here will watch Bound for Glory? @Black_Hawk @santanu18 ? I am excited for it and will watch but a day later as have to go to a concert tonight.
  5. Did anyone watch AEW Dynamite? Was a solid first episode.
  6. It should have been Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam.
  7. Tomorrow, Ireland either wins or loses (or gets close to one of the two). Very exciting match, anything can happen.
  8. Raw reunion is next week, not tonight.
  9. Watched too much stuff (Fight for the Fallen yesterday and England vs New Zealand today), so am gonna skip this seemingly skippable show.
  10. Anyone else watching Fight For The Fallen live right now?
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