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  1. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    It should be either Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe, or Kurt Angle vs John Cena. Both will be appropriate matches to end his career.
  2. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

  3. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

  4. That time of the year again. Is there a volunteer? @santanu18?
  5. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    One of my all-time favorite wrestlers:
  6. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

  7. Ph3N0M

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Andhadhun was very good. Got to see it for only $4 and the movie was well worth more than that.
  8. Ph3N0M

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Is it recommended to see any other Marvel movie before watching Venom, or can it be watched as a standalone?
  9. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    Jeff Hardy about to die tomorrow.
  10. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    ^ HHH is so good on the mic; I wish there was a new guy as good as him. Bobby Roode had the potential during his world title runs back in the day, but no one else seems close to me.
  11. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    Found this gem of a video.
  12. Ph3N0M

    Movie Discussion Thread

  13. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    For those who missed All In, this is the only match that matters in the grand scheme of things (a very good documentary style video):
  14. Ph3N0M

    Wrestling fans

    It was five hours including the pre-show. Btw: