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  1. rockstarnet

    FIFA 2020

    Yeah we have a club.
  2. rockstarnet

    FIFA 2020

    Kurt is spot on! Demo feels great too me. They need to speed it up a bit and sort out the agility though.
  3. Great mate!! You bought Fifa 18?
  4. We needed a club where regulars of the club could freely control the club. We needed a people's club not Joe Cool's club. You have covered your ego nicely by taking up the club's cause but essentially this is all about yourself.
  5. It's been an incredible journey. Need to keep going now.
  6. PSN Id rockstarnet1234 Preferred position-CAM/CDM
  7. PSN ID: rockstarnet1234 Preferred play timings: khatiya dale baitha hu aaja kabhi bhi Most preferred mode: FUT and seasons Interested in taking part in tournaments/seasons? YES. Do you play FUT? YES.
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