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  1. So ME1 is definitely grindier like a typical RPG. But each mission is ME2 is way meatier and better defined. Especially with the DLC content latched on to this. There were missions I skipped in ME1 because things were getting too similar each mission, but here I'm invested in all missions. That said - the world building in ME1 is unmatched. I miss that here.
  2. Agreed. We're going to try podcasting video formats for the next few ones so bear with us.
  3. To everyone who has picked up the Xbox Series X in grey, have you faced any issues so far? Would you recommend going for the grey market unit? I'm considering it, since there's no surety on when new units will be officially available or if there would even be enough. Appreciate any input on this.
  4. This is a pretty harsh reaction to a message in a forum, that's not directly aimed at him. It's bitter divorce level sad. I hope he finds love and happiness someday.
  5. I played 1 & 2 twice, but never finished 3. This would be a great opportunity to finally finish it. But yeah, not really looking forward to the first one as much.
  6. You know what? Even if you get it now, you wouldn't mind playing it all over again on the PS5. The game is the perfect length for multiple playthroughs. At least that's my plan.
  7. Yeah, it's really impressive how they managed that. Even the Into the Spider-verse costume with all its additional effects is intact here.
  8. Thankfully, I didn't encounter any bugs, but yeah I know other reviewers who had graphical glitches and game crashes. There is a big patch that's supposed to be out now. Let's see if it makes any changes.
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