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  1. ^^ :good:



    Awesome purchase mittu, damages?

    $284 for Nexus 7 32GB


    beauty that 7.2 is :cheers:

    Yup, looks and feels awesome in the hand.


    The resolution on that N7 is mouth-watering. Crisp as they come.


    So mittu has a fHD phone (S4) and tablet... FML.


    You should buy Note 3 when it comes. It will have Snapdragon S800!!


    Nice one mittu !

    Thanks brother!

  2. ===== GIVEAWAY =====


    Item #1 : XBOX FIFA 10

    Condition: Minor scratches

    Shipping : To be paid by taker

    Location : Bangalore

    Taker : TBA

    Photo :








    ===== GIVEAWAY =====


    Item #2 : HTC Sensation Gel Cover

    Condition: Clean

    Shipping : To be paid by taker

    Location : Bangalore

    Taker : TBA

    Photo :




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  3. Hi guys,


    This is The Giveaway Thread for IVG members. If there is something you are not using anymore and feel like giving it for free to fellow IVGians, you can post it here.




    1. If possible, put a picture of actual item(s)

    2. Shipping may be borne by giver/taker, but must be specified in the post itself

    3. Items that can be given away should be related to technology/gaming keeping in line with Trading Post rules.

    4. If there are more than one takers for an item, in that case decision of giver will be final as to who gets the item. Feel free to hold a 12BG for selecting a taker.

    5. Disputes, if any, should be resolved via PM. Kindly avoid posting grievances, if any, in the thread.


    Sample format for posts :


    ===== GIVEAWAY =====


    Item #1 : Halo 3 art book

    Shipping : To be paid by taker / Sharing / Free

    Location : <City>

    Taker : <To be updated once confirmed>

    Photo : <Pic(s) of the actual item>


    Item #2 : ...




    All are free to suggest any changes to this thread to make it a success. Oh and, reps are always welcome for each giving post :bigyellowgrin: .


    Happy giving!

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  4. Pretty self descriptive, this is a plain show-off thread :smokey:

    Post pics of your gaming rigs and showoff with specs(feel free to show-off your collection as well), I will start with mine...


    Sony PS3 120GB + Sony Bravia LCD 32 Inches + HP DV6 1360us with ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR3.








  5. Dude, how's the frame photo quality and (most important) ease of use for parents? And PM me the model number and letsbuy ka link.


    Quality is decent, controls are pretty easy, it does have auto shutdown and start up time functionality, supports till 16GB of Pendrive/MMC/SD/SDHS, no internal memory as such. Here is the link ViewSonic VFD823 Photo Frame use promo code and you will get it for Rs.2,519.

    For live demo, come home(with my KZ2)!! :bigyellowgrin:

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