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  1. Hi guys, This is The Giveaway Thread for IVG members. If there is something you are not using anymore and feel like giving it for free to fellow IVGians, you can post it here. Guidelines: 1. If possible, put a picture of actual item(s) 2. Shipping may be borne by giver/taker, but must be specified in the post itself 3. Items that can be given away should be related to technology/gaming keeping in line with Trading Post rules. 4. If there are more than one takers for an item, in that case decision of giver will be final as to who gets the item. Feel free to hold a 12BG for selecting a taker. 5. Disputes, if any, should be resolved via PM. Kindly avoid posting grievances, if any, in the thread. Sample format for posts : ===== GIVEAWAY ===== Item #1 : Halo 3 art book Shipping : To be paid by taker / Sharing / Free Location : <City> Taker : <To be updated once confirmed> Photo : <Pic(s) of the actual item> Item #2 : ... ====================== All are free to suggest any changes to this thread to make it a success. Oh and, reps are always welcome for each giving post . Happy giving!
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