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  1. A friend of mine is convinced that Thief getting such deep pre-order discounts speaks poorly for the quality of the game and Square Enix know it. That's a little too tinfoil for me but who knows. Glad I got it for about 3 keys now.


    Yup, 3.5 pounds here. Nothing transferred. Probably takes time.



    from where did you get it for 3 keys?

  2. Wait for the upcoming patch before you start playing. That's supposedly the last patch in which they'll reset the character save data.


    btw, Where did you get the keys from? I recently bought some from Market at $2.45( $2.16 + fees ).

    As joe pointed out, i got mine over sourceop forums.


    Opened a 4 pack for starbound for a guy so got it cheap ^_^ although it was a long procedure <_<

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  3. can you play half life 2 dvd version "directly" without steam popping up?


    EA n Ubisoft are jst late to the party, valve showed the way with hl2 back in 2004 by forcing their drm on everyone, n it's crazy to think 2 of the biggest publishing giants ain't gonna try the same.

    Fair enough (I dont know if you can run directly or not)


    But, lemme get this straight to you, I love steam because of :-

    1. Game Sales

    2. Humble bundles.

    3. I am able to earn money using trading which NO COMPANY YOU MENTIONED ALLOWS.

    4. All my games are organized in one place.

    5. Almost everyone of my friends is on STEAM so playing with them is very easy.

    6. Indie Titles

    7. Support is extremely good as compared to the a**hole EA (which i have encountered).

    8. Very easy payment options (Paypal,DC,CC). I tried spending my money on Origin using my Debit Card but it won't accept cuz it is a DC.

    9. Almost daily, new games are added.

    10. We have got an India Dedicated server for downloading files in steam which is pretty fast i guess.


    etc etc.

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  4. Yeah. It seems like he won't be able to play any Ubisoft game EVER.

    Well, for that purposes I have got the PS3.


    jst set it to auto, how hard is tht.


    Besides, getting it on steam means running 2 different drm clients.


    Jst accept that you like ogling at your big fat games list on steam u perv :P



    Well, suit yourself on thinking on how I view steam.



    Hmmm... Let me tell you how.


    Say you are in India and MT is in the Middle East, you want to play the Co-Op in FARCRY 3. You cannot, simply because of the latency and peer-to-peer routing issues.


    Apart from the fact that it has a banal looking layout and does absolutely nothing to improve the game experience, no notification pop ups when you send a message.


    And the fact that even though you bought the game on STEAM, UPlay! will not allow you to play the game directly and shall force you to login. If Games For Windows Live had an evil half-twin I assure you UPlay! will be leading the pack of potential contendors.

    Thanks for the clear cut explanation :hug:

  5. @Sach4Life - It is because I would hate to login to UPLAY everytime i wanted to play the game :| (Which requires more form filling and registrations which I hate -_-' )


    @Aditya - It's not about the long steam games list but because of the fact that I am comfy using Steam only, I have tried other clients as well but no use <_<


    @Joe - +1

  6. yaar main samjha nahi ki tu kya bolne cha reha hai..


    See this is what i did...bought the game on humble ..got email..went to that link...it ask me to redeem..and do so askedme to sign into steam which i did ...it just ask me HUmble bundle is asking permission to redeem key ..i allowed but nothing happened.. so again i went to humble bundle site and individually clicked on redeem key and each redeemed on my steam account i logged in...except for to the moon so i again clicked on to the moon to redeem and signed up again on steam this time got the game in librarby .


    And ost was there below in the same page on humble bundle site where i was asked to redeemed the games.

    The problem being faced by him is that his money was deducted from his account but during the transaction processing (same time when money gets deducted), his net vomited up and gave an error which resulted in non receival of receipt and henceforth his games as well.


    Samjhe? :P

  7. App promo credit after 28th.

    And yes, Indian cards ca be used. Just put a tax-free state ka address. Easy peasy.


    Edit: And the credit will be applied automatically while paying for apps.

    y i no read the mail clearly :| I thought the credit was valid to do a purchase on any product <_<


    I always use the address of some random MC'D in florida :devil::P

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