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  1. Which is the site to know scout combinations? Earlier it used to be pesfan forum...now that's down completely.. Any heads up guys?
  2. Ordered via game loot but they shipped it only yesterday night. Will receive it on Wednesday night. Think I should have ordered it via digital. some stories from game loot saying it’s a rule in India to ship only after release dates when rest of the world already completed playing 50 odd games....
  3. Can't wait....excited... Btw guys, pre order gift of t-shirt was available in gameloot
  4. It will be rectified in main game(konami confirmed it)
  5. Guys, What happened to pesfan forum?? Is it down permanently? What is the alternate good forum for PES?
  6. I downloaded and tried pes2019 lite today and online works without ps+ is it bec of lite or what?
  7. But in the demo, I am able to play online with out ps+....
  8. I am new to PS4 and playing pes for last 10 years in different consoles... do I need to buy ps+ subscription to play myclub and play against my friend who is from other country?
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